#6 Joe Daniher - drinkin’ coffee, brewin’ beer, gettin’ injured

Because he makes a stack more in his profession. He volunteers his time to the football club because he loves the game but he can only give up as much time as his schedule allows. Most doctors/physios etc are in a similar position at SANFL level.

I am sorry, but if the fitness team is satisfied with how they handled Joe’s injury over the past 18 months then I am really really worried. Any half component organisation would be undertaking a thorough review of their process and procedures to limit the likelihood that the same issue occurs again. Sugar coating and saying they got it right last year is not best practice.



Hang in there dtnt.

Ok. Be really worried.

I’m not, except about the fact that the surgery might not work, because that can be a thing too when it comes to this condition.

And if that is the case, I won’t automatically blame the surgeon or think he/she must have done it wrong or been incompetent, … just that JD is one of those who never gets over OP. It happens.


That’s not very nice

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So I’ve heard.

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Well we are destined to be a mid table team for a long time then.

Agreed. The query I have is how wide a net was cast in looking for the best diagnosis and treatment. How are they treating these injuries in the World Game, US sports etc. Maybe the club did this, I don’t know but I would contend the media would have been all over it had they taken that path. Not convinced our medical and fitness staff provide world’s best practice standards let alone be highly rated inside the AFL arena. JD’s injury was not managed well initially in my opinion and the medical staff have playing catchup ever since.

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This injury requires a full investigation if we are truly a professional club
And want to improve

what advice was received from whom last year?a specialist?
If so was the best advice provided?

I’ve got to admit I’m absolutely gutted by this injury reoccurrence and really cannot come to terms with it
at all

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They said we need to concentrate on defence because we know we can score well. It was arrogance. Since then our forward line has been dysfunctional and injury prone.

It wasn’t arrogance at all, it was functioning well and the defensive side of our play needed work. That doesn’t mean they just ignored the forwardline, just they also needed to focus on an area that everyone on here kept carrying on about.

How the frig is that arrogance?

Just let me know when we get a big forward as good as an uninjured JD . I’m guessing I won’t hear from you any time soon .

Oh nonsense.
Essendon has has had generational forwards in the 40 years I’ve been following them. Joe isn’t one of them.

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So , who is this guy ? He must be good ?

Lets see, Lloyd, Lucas, Hird, Salmon, Terry Daniher …
These a generational forwards.
Joe, I don’t think so.


If JD wasn’t injured you would be rating him as better than Lucas at least .

Joe would need to learn how to kick straight for a start.


Lucas to this day is criminally underrated IMO. Was a deadset gun as a forward and a chrichton medallist as a CHB. Rare talent footballer.


Love Joe but Lucas is a once in a lifetime freak occurrence.

Underrated and understated.

Special human we were privileged to have on our team.

Lloyd was good but Lucas was and is great.