#6 Joe Daniher - drinkin’ coffee, brewin’ beer, gettin’ injured

Lucas was a CHF who had one of the best FF going around playing with him, a player who is an all time great goal kicker. That player took a lot of scores off him. Lucas was exceptional and would have been a dominant forward in another team without a FF.

Joe has not had that and is the FF of the team.

Lucas is better than him at this stage.


You realise that the most goals Lucas kicked in a season was 67. That’s the only time in his career he topped Joe’s 65 from his last full season.

You obviously didn’t see much of Lucas.

He couldn’t do the spectacular like Joe can but he just did everything well and made Lloyd a better player.


Joe is a FF, Lucas was a CHF who played with Lloyd as the dominant forward who took a lot of the goals.


Do you realise he kicked 470 from CHF and played a year at CHB and IIRC was AA as a CHB?


I realise that. I’m just saying It’s not a crazy thing to say Joey could be better. He kicked 65 in his 5th season.

I’m sad.


I agree , but Joe’s trajectory prior to the injury as a 23 yr old with 65 goals and an all Australian guernsey was higher than what he has been able to achieve so far .

The best way to compare Joe is to compare him to another FF, in the current era that would be Ben Brown, who plays a similar game to Joe. Brown averages 2.2 goals a game, Joe averages 1.8.

Yeah no argument there, it certainly was looking that way. But he is not better than Lucas at this stage and he is not a generational player yet either.

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But that’s speculation.

Lucas did what he did, Daniher had 1 good season, Lucas had 10+


Did Joey and Hooker not alternate between FF and CHF in 2017?

Hooker was CHF and Joe FF pretty much of the time.

I will agree Lucas did it . My boy is called Lucca Lloyd . My wife wouldn’t go with Lucas Lloyd . I really did think Joe was going to be special .

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Our decision making has been skewed because of the Saga. We have taken a responsible approach; Daniher should have received surgery last year, other injuries have allowed an extra week or two.
Success is not not measured on wins and losses over a period of of time, it’s premierships.
Conservative approach does not work in sports.

Don’t write him off yet, he still can be. Hird took a long time to come right again but when he did he delivered and plenty of players have overcome OP.

My thing on Joe has always been that he should not be FF, we need a proper FF down there as Joe is built to be a CHF, who roams and takes leaps and provides an avenue through to goal but has good long range shots.

Because they assumed our forward line would do as well the following year and we wouldn’t suffer injuries to our best players. 2017 was a freak year when Joe was fit and firing. Essendon is arrogant and just thinks that if they play the way they want to play = victory. The players and coaches crapped on this preseason about last years run of form when the season was already shot like it meant something special was going to happen this year. We don’t just drink our own bathwater, we bottle it and use it as cologne.

Is there a player who has overcome almost two complete consecutive seasons of OP? I can’t think of one. I feel like most examples it either comes good after the first substantial period off, or it doesn’t

Once again bullshit.

Worsfold is on record as saying that yes the run of wins was good but we lost to top 4 teams as well and so we have plenty to work on to get to where they are.

Brad Crouch.

How many have actually had 2 seasons of it?

Maybe Judd?