#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Going to drop a huge fart eh? Clear out the 50!


Fantastic for him


Excise on a slab is about $20-25 depending on strength per ATO. Best of luck making a good quality $75 retail slab of beer for $16, including bottling and packaging and delivery, to make your 50% profit.

Dundalan dave (whatever he’s called now) would also have some insight here as would @Incoming





There’s another video of Joey with Jack which is priceless. There’s a little more in this one.


@stallion 1:25 is what you want.


What an adorable kid.

‘I love you’.

Oh the honesty of children. :slightly_smiling_face:


Joe Junior? His friends can call him JoJu.




Simpson’s reference - niiiiiiice! :+1:t2:


Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo?


I reckon Joe can get to 80 goals next season, provided we get our number of entries up to a top 6 standard. Hooker could go to 50 if he gets a full season too. He’s only in his first full year as a forward.


Is anyone else jizzing their pants at the thought of Joe playing finals?

If there is any player in the AFL that loves the big stage as much as Buddy it’s our man.


Absolutely. I really hope Hooker comes in because Joe is at his best when he’s free to roam without us losing any tall potency forward.


Agreed, Cale even playing a bit under done relieves pressure on JOEDAN.



Joey looked good during the training session today though spent some time running/jogging laps.

One of the supporters asked Zerrett if Joey was going to come over to sign autographs, and he said Joey had already gone for physio.

Guessing they’re trying to get his knees as good as can be before the game.


Soooo much Joey goodness in this video.


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