#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


I can never vote more than once. How do you do it?


Dunno. But if you waited till I said “vote early” you failed that too!




Howe’s Mark was better.

Voted for Joey. ■■■■ Collingwood.


JD’s was better, took it in his hands, so degree of difficulty was greater. Still, fark collingwood.


This is the type of game Joey was born to play and dominate. You have the feeling he is going to tear it apart, bombing long from the centre circle. This is his day, finalise his arrival to the game as a superstar by dominating and kicking buddy and his pelicans out of the finals.


If Joey didn’t land on his feet it would have been one of the greatest marks of all time.


So, 65 goals for the year from an Essendon full forward. A pretty solid effort given that he has played as a backup ruckman as well.

Well done Joe.



And for some depressing context, our highest goal kicker’s tally each year going back from 2016: 43, 34, 28, 30, 32, 34, 24, 35.

Lucas in 2006 is the last bomber to kick 65 goals or more in a season.


Wonderful season

Should be captain


Rampe is a ■■■■■■■ stain

Would pay good money to see someone iron him out.


I thought it was interesting that he actually got paid a few free kicks. Maybe next year he will start getting better treatment from the umps.

Won his position today with limited delivery.


He got free kicks because Rampe is a dog who holds and scrags illegally in 100% of contests.

If it was umpired to the letter he would have gotten about 20 free kicks.


Joe seems to joke around with everybody.

Except Rampe.

Rampe seems like a c*nt.


Would have rampe in our defence 100% though.


I dunno, I have my doubts about anyone or anything that Joe Daniher doesn’t like.


Yeah but look at how our team just played their clean air final.


Was our best tonight.


Poor ■■■■ did his best with the limited supply he got.