#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Mark of the Year… well played Joe!




“this mark is fkd”


Carlisle used as the step ladder once more.


Winner of mark of the year 2017! You beauty oh boy oh boy wowee hot diggiggity dog.


anybody got a gif of jeremy howe looking filthy as hell? loved it


Well done Joey. Probably agree with most that it wasn’t as good but I’m not telling them that. Going to enjoy this.


The look on Howe’s face is priceless when Joe is announced as winner…needs a GIF


From the other thread, credit to Barnz:


I had to watch it in both threads. ■■■■■■ funny


So good.


You don’t win mark of the year with a fricken chest mark. Hands out in front next time Jeremy.


Sorry but Howes mark was an absolute classic. theres no denying that. glad that Joey got the nod though. his mark was still amazing. i got to see it right in front at the game. it was massive.


Seriously howe’s Mark was way better but the meltdown from everyone is soooooooooo good


I’d love to know why so many feel Howe’s was better…

It would be interesting to see results if there were scoring categories… E.g height, style, technical elements, difficulty, clunk factor…etc





Howe failed to take it at it’s highest point :roll_eyes:


Joeys was better… If you look he actually had to balance himself on top of the blokes back… Top grab


I’m pretty one-eyed, but Joe’s was clearly better in my opinion.
Pretty similar marks, except Joe took it arms out at the highest point. Did jump higher than he needed to to take a chest mark. And he kept his feet.
I think the only reason people are saying Howe’s was better is because Joe made it look ridiculously ■■■■■■■ easy.