#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Howe’s was very good, thought it was better than Joe’s. But the meltdown…love it!!!


Degree of difficulty for taking a specie on the chest and above your head is no comparison. Joe made a very difficult mark look easy, especially with his perfect landing. It is why I think the Moorcroft mark is the best mark I have seen, as he took it above his head outstretched flying backwards.


I thought Howes was better but meh.


Howes two marks were better than Joe’s - Seriously a publically voted award - This has shades of the Logies.


As I said above, I thought that they were pretty similar, and that in the areas that they differed that Joe’s was clearly better.
What was it about Howe’s that you though made it better?


Howe’s way better, and does so many more a game.


The more I watch Joe’s the less impressive it is to be honest. A great overhead mark, but not close to MOY contention. But EAD Howe.


Howes was way better.

But Howe can eat it.


I think the important thing is that Franklin’s ■■■■■■ “can’t bounce the ball” goal didn’t get goal of the year. Thank ■■■■


I almost wanted there to be a mix up with Brody Grundy winning and him clearly not in attendance.


■■■■ I wish he played for us!


Anyine else notice the editing on Franklins goal. They cut out the part where he ran too far.


The funny part with that is Collingwood is supposed to have a mega supporter base and they couldn’t get their boy over the line. They couldn’t even say their vote was split as an excuse as Joe got more than 50%.


I’m sure if they allowed mobile phones in prisons Howe would have got much closer.


What is the prize for MotY?


Joey winning is worth it for the public meltdown to Howe not winning alone


They forgot to top up their phone charge.


Didn’t NicNat get Weet-Bix for a year or something?


Awww all the poor liddle did-ums upset that someone else won something instead of the one they liked. Maybe they can get a participation award to make them feel better?


The fact that people are getting upset over…Mark of the year so much that it makes news sites is pretty funny.