#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Jeremy Howe :heavy_check_mark: @howie0038
Well deserved joey!! #moty
10:07 PM - Sep 25, 2017
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All the liddle did-ums suffering gluckschmerz. :grin:

Should take a leaf outta Jeremy Howe’s book of gracious responses.


This makes up for Joe not winning it last year.
And I wonder if the same Collingwood fans complaining now said anything when Krakuoer some how beat Andrew Walker for MOTY back in 2011.

If history tells us anything, make sure you get along to the Essendon vs Saints game next year when Joe goes for his hat-trick of MOTY contenders.


Howe takes a speccy every week and has been doing it for years . Its so commonplace people just yawn now… Now Joey. Thats special.


Michael Mitchell’s screamer from 1991 is still my favourite.


In my opinion Howe had the better mark. However I think Joe’s mark last year was clearly the best one last year. Not like the AFL to get things wrong is it?


Michael Roach from 1980 (81?) takes the cake.


But nah, Howe’s are better imo.


As far as I’m aware its decided by public vote.
And for what its worth, I thought Joe’s contested mark in the goal square later in the same game was even better.


Generally speaking, the public are idiots. For peace of mind its best not to consult them on anything.


I thought it was the all Australian committee that had the final say on MOTY?


They’re even bigger idiots than we are out here.


Nah, Moorcroft. He’s 2 feet tall, he stood on Johnson’s head and then jumped off backwards, took the ball with his hands stretched out behind his head and landed flat on his side. Also, the kick was off Scott Lucas’ right foot. Absolute procession of freakish occurrences.


Just because someone takes a speccy every week doesn’t mean their best of the year isn’t special.

although joes is better because chestmarks look ■■■■ when you’ve got one thats directly comparable but out in front.


EDDIE McGuire says the voting system for mark and goal of the year needs an overhaul after the public voted for Bomber Joe Daniher instead of Magpie Jeremy Howe. SEE THE MARKS and VOTE

“I just think that the AFL have got to stop the marketing department taking over these major awards,” he said.

“For it to go to a popular vote — ie whose got the most active cheer squad at any one stage … Can we leave commercial activity out of it for five minutes?”

(Wonder if Eddie will hand back any Logies he might have won in protest. What a fucking sour-prick. Since when has Mark or the Year been a “major award” btw?)


I really don’t get the uproar about this. They are two fantastic marks, either of which were worthy of winning. I just don’t get how one is clearly better than the other.


EDDIE McGuire also said Goodes could be brought down to play King Kong, so maybe we don’t care what he says.


eat a bag Eddie


Hahahaha commercial activity, he and his football club are exactly a functioning commercial activity.


I’m sorry fathead? Would you prefer MOTY is awarded by statistical analysis instead?

Are there any actual statistics to base whether or not one mark is better than the other?

There isn’t?

That to me would suggest that the definition of whether or not one mark is better than the other comes down to a farking popularity vote then wouldn’t it you ■■■■ smack?

Oh, you’d like the AFL to do the deciding instead? Farking convenient you twat.