#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


ANZAC Day next year, … Daniher Vs Howe “Mark Off”


I’d like to commend Eddie for admitting his club is a pissant little mob with no supporters.


Joes was taken at a higher point, statistical fact.


Don’t take our word for it- just ask Roy Morgan which club has the most Victorian supporters


I wonder how exactly he came to that conclusion?


Roy Morgan not doing themselves any favours publishing that. Has to be a joke.

More likely the poll was run by Little Roy:


Is Val Morgan related to Roy?


Everyone forgot about Cotchin real quick. Let’s all get outraged by some meaningless award.


Something favourable for Essendon. All you need to generate outrage.


It’s important Jake Carlisle finally got some recognition.


He’s actually whinging that Collingwood doesn’t have enough fans? Dumb ■■■■.


In fact now that I think about it, this could be Liz lukins work to divert from Cotchin.


I can’t believe the outrage is still going on 24 hours later :laughing:


If you asked everyone in Victoria which NRL team they follow, I’m tipping most would say Melbourne Storm. Therefore, Melbourne Storm is the most popular NRL team in Australia. (Which they may well be, but my point is, “popularity” in a Roy Morgan poll does not necessarily translate to actual fans.


Most would say, “What’s NRL ?” National? Played in 2 states.


Theyre absolutely losing it. Its hilarious


Collingwood midfielder Adam Treloar has called Jeremy Howe’s mark of the year snub as one of the great robberies in the history of sport.

“I actually couldn’t believe it and he couldn’t believe it,” Treloar told SEN’s The Run Home.

“It was the biggest robbery in the history of any sport.

“I was sitting next to him and had a video on his face, thinking he was going to win and wanted to record his reaction, and when he didn’t his face just dropped.”

Most were gobsmacked Howe’s hanger did not get the gong, and even more surprised to find out it came down to a public vote. Essendon’s Joe Daniher won mark of the year for his screamer over Saint Jake Carlisle.

“With all due respect to Joe Daniher I actually think Brodie’s (Grundy) mark was better than his,” Treloar said in reference to the Magpie’s ruckman MCG screamer.

But Howe’s snub wasn’t the only surprise for the Pies on Brownlow night, with Treloar polling just 11 votes to finish fourth at the club behind Scott Pendlebury (15), Taylor Adams (14) and Steele Sidebottom (14). Many thought the former Giant was an outside chance to finish top three and certainly win the club award for most votes.

Asked for a tip for Saturday’s Grand Final the Magpie playmaker was in no doubt as to who would hold the premiership cup aloft.

“I think Richmond will be way too strong,” he said

“If they bring the pressure no one can go with them.

“At the MCG they’ll be, very, very hard to beat.

“When they start to get on top they’ll run away with it and I think they’ll win.”


What a tool Treloar is.


Haha, that whole article is a carnt talking about how his mate got snubbed, then the writer saying how said carnt himself got snubbed, yet that carnt scored a completely undeserved 3 votes on Anzac Day, snubbing the winner of the actual medal who in turn supposedly snubbed the mate of said carnt. And around we go…


What a busy little carnt.


Only collingwood people could get so butthurt over a mark of the year award