#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Focus on real things you inbred flogs like making finals and not bringing in blokes like Mayne and Jesse White.



You’re a fkn mercenary Treloar and a fig jam, shut your inbred mouth.


I’m quite happy if they keep going that way, thanks.


ABC news actually preempted the MOTY story by calling it a controversial decision.


Treloar could be playing this weekend but instead he’s commenting on meaningless awards because he chose to play for Collingwood and, you know, Collingwood had a better chance of playing finals.


He turned down richmond lol


I think this was the year before for Claremont Vs Subi.


mmmm the taste of salty salty tears.

this is beautiful.

haven’t they got some people to racially vilify or something?


What was he doing all the way up there without clearance from Airservices Australia?


It is actually ridiculous. What a talent.


He won goal of the year in 1991 as well. It was a lot like the M Long goal from the '93 GF a couple of years later but Mitchell started further back. He was a brilliant player in a really tough era which took a toll. He was targeted mercilessly on and off the ball which ultimately led to his early retirement. Imagine the damage he would do in today’s style of play?


This one.


I am not sure there is a player like him around now. Small man with amazing skills and so good in the air. Would be like Paul Puopolo with leg speed


That goal is crazy and makes me miss Andrew Lovett.


Just so we can keep the tears flowing…


From AFL Nuffies page on facebook


Joe’s is classic, framed poster type stuff. Howe’s was a freaky bounce off the opposition player. Meh, both are great.


Congratulations to Joe Daniher being awarded an AFLW license


Maybe that person should pen the same thing to Mitchell and Cotchin.


Do people understand that this ‘award’ means absolutely farking nothing?

I couldn’t think of anything more meaningless, except, well, a logie