#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


My point as well. It’s a novelty award, along with goal of the year. Which is exactly why it is put up as a public vote. It’s a bit of fun. FFS.


and voted on by the same mouth breathing public that are being enraged by it.

People wonder why Australia is in the state it is


“I voted for Joe Dniher and I’m outraged.”


lol having a go at joedan for a publicly voted award, how is that joe’s fault

■■■■■■■ typical pies supporter


Howe could have won High Jump of the year, but Joe’s was the best mark.


Lol Treloar didn’t even know what North Korea was. Not the sharpest tool in the shed and continues to prove it every time he opens his mouth.



Might be drawing a long bow here, but does Collingwood’ s ■■■■■■■■ and moaning about an essentially meaningless individual award, from president to playing list, show where their focus is at? For where they’re meant to be at, and where they’re actually at, they have far bigger things to be grumpy about.


I like that losing this award means more to Collingwood fans than winning it did to essendon fans.

Your club is ■■■■. We have bigger fish to fry than individual popularity votes.

We’re just a better club than you, in every way possible.


Daniher’s award could mark move from fans

THE AFL is considering taking judging for the Woolworths Mark of the Year and Coates Hire Goal of the Year out of the fans’ hands.

There was controversy on Monday night when Essendon forward Joe Daniher beat Collingwood high-flyer and hot favourite Jeremy Howe to win the Mark of the Year.

Mark of the Year shock: Fans go for Joe over high-flying Howe

Daniher received 52.7 per cent of the supporter votes for his round 17 grab against St Kilda, compared to Howe’s 40.7 per cent. Fellow Magpie Brodie Grundy was the other contender.

Howe’s skyscraping effort over Melbourne swingman Tom McDonald in the Queen’s Birthday game was widely acclaimed and considered as much a certainty to win as Dustin Martin was to take home the Brownlow Medal.

League chief executive Gillon McLachlan told ABC the process would likely change for next season.

“With the greatest respect to Joe Daniher, who’s a star, an All Australian and a great mark, that mark (Howe’s) was the best mark, I think – and quite clearly,” McLachlan said.

“You can’t have that. I know that’s quite definitive, but I think if you’ve got a mark that’s clearly better and it doesn’t win, then the system has to be reviewed.”

Tiger young gun Daniel Rioli (45.8 per cent) winning Goal of the Year over Sydney superstar Lance Franklin (20.5 per cent also raised some eyebrows.

Franklin ended up third to Adelaide’s Eddie Betts (33.7 per cent) despite his extraordinary finish after charging down the wing and leaving Crows defender Daniel Talia in his wake.


Oh, my ■■■■■■■ God! Get over yourselves. Daniher’s mark was the best mark last year, and no one whinged about that. Fk me this is ridiculous.

And how is the mark “clearly better”? Explain that Gil you ■■■■■■■ toff.


I’m speechless, what’s the point of letting supporters vote then, It should come back to the Collingwood supporters who were too lazy to get on a computer and vote.


Did any of these mouth breathers think that perhaps it wasn’t the amount of votes Daniher got, but the fact that there was TWO collingwood players up for the same award, splitting the vote.

Oh and chest mark…


^^^Exactly. And it’s supposed to be for best mark, not best high jump.


Wait… Collingwood supporters know how to use computers?


What utter, farkin arrogant crap.
What were the other two nominees there for then, you farking moron???
If you wanted Howe to win, perhaps you should not have had him up against a fellow player.


They didn’t get as many votes as Joe between them.
I still don’t get why anyone thinks Howe’s mark was as good, let alone better.


I thought Howe’s looked better. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Joey is so tall, and almost always lands on his feet. He was probably twice as high as Moorcroft’s famous mark, but you wouldn’t think it.


Seriously, these fcking morons. Not one bit of praise for the great Joey Daniher and his spectacular mark. Just whinging because Howe didn’t win.


The only thing I can think is that Joe made it look too easy. The marks were pretty similar in my opinion, except that Joe took his outstretched, and Howe took it on his chest. The outrage baffles me, but I’m enjoying it.