#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Might as well just take it off him Gil you twat.


What a fkn joke.

“This award is voted on by the public”
“We don’t like the winner they chose so we’re going to change the system”


The great thing about this controversy is that Jake Carlisle is getting constant reminders of the time that Joe Dan took a dump on his head.


I’m with Gil on the FRANKLIN! goal. The public can’t be trusted with GotY.


And what system of ‘government’ does that remind us of?


As a few have said, this is a handy “look over there”, in order to get out of having to address the Cotchin issue. It’s so ■■■■■■■ transparent.


I think it’s really inappropriate of Gill the dill to comment on the result of Moty. Just appears to be jumping on the outrage bandwaon. Would he have commented if the winner hadn’t been an Essendon player?


Gooood… goooood… Let the hate flow through you.

Embrace the hate people. It delights me that we annoy this ponce.


For the best player in the game, can’t even bounce properly.

conor on the other hand played the game for 4 years executed sublime bounces then kicked the same goal, not a ■■■■■■■ mention because he doesn’t have the media fellatiating him constantly.


Surprised he hasn’t already. You know, optics and all that…


McKenna’s goal was pretty good.


They want EFC’s $$$ and vflw player development but dont want us to feel any chance of success as a whole. Like the unwanted family member who is invited because we had to be. Not wanted to be.


Gil McLachlan

The man speaks extremely articulately.

What actually is processed in his head and comes out of his mouth is poison.

He is a piece of ■■■■.

He should be above this. What a peanut.

Not a very capable leader but just happens to impersonate one very very well.




I was thinking the same thing


Mark > chest mark


Jeremy Howe?
More like Jeremy Howe 'bout you get off your arses and vote?


Yes…way better than Franklin’s


No. That’s why Gil wants to change the system.


So what’s the new system?

Public vote subject to being overturned by public outrage at result of vote?