#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Rules for judging mark of the year.

Ask Eddie what he thinks.
Ask Gillon what he thinks.

Hire a new Executive Manager, Competitions at the AFL, on $375K per year.
Advertise the position widely on the Old Xavierians and Trinity College notice boards.

Convene a focus group, generate a report to the AFL Executive committee.

Gillon co-opts members of the Rising Star Committee to judge and award the winner.


BREXIT was a people vote and that was decided with 51.9%. Joey won with 52.7% of the vote, and there were three choices. Anyway you look at it Joey won this fair and square.


Nah, let’s just save some money and let Andrew Dillon decide the winner.


Even with my red and black glasses on, no way that Howe mark was the best.

Hands beats chest mark every day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

As someone said. It’s a diversion from the obvious 2 Rogers players not being suspended. Perhaps the fans should get to vote on that one?




This is an example of, 1. The decline of society that people are feeling outraged to make a big deal over a mark and 2. How ■■■■ the AFL is.


I don’t think so.


Enough with the numbers, maths boy.


Hamish on Game Day - Howe was without doubt Mark of the Year and he was right to let everyone know that at the Brownlow. My theory is Collingwood split the vote with left room for Essendon to go hard.

Errrr Joey had more votes than Howe and Grundy combined.


Why would Grundy get any votes at all? Wasn’t it absolutely obvious who won and no one in the entire world would disagree?


I noticed C7 made a subtle point about who they thought should have got GotY during their retrospective earlier today. And quite frankly, I’m with them on this.


Watch The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer, early 70s Peter Cook comedy.

Available on Youtube.


Didn’t Peter Cook play full forward with some distinction for Port Melbourne?


With his proclivities he would have been more at home at Hawthorn.


So eddie sooks it up as usual about clubs` ‘media - cheerleaders’ determining the outcome of an individual award…and then…proceeds to cheerlead…via the media…to determine the outcome of an individual award…


Is this real life?




Thought it was Dudley Moore


Nah, it was Phil Collins.


New Joey video up on the 'tubes.