#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


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Are those hands rotating both ways, or is it just me?



Is this the real thing, or is it just fantasy?

And as he said to Zac…you’re my best friend.


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That’s nasty theDJR

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Joey is all important to the team, and in recent times so much of this has been to do with his happiness & easygoing nature in the forwardline. He’ll be amazing again in 2018, but only if he’s given a licence by having foils in Hooker and Stewart. I’d love to be proven wrong, but Joey is at his best when the World is not on his shoulders


I’m all about Daniher hype in 2018.

He’s a year old and a year better.

We have a better midfield.

We have Stringer that can burst out of a stoppage and get the ball to Daniher 1-on-1 in the goal square.

There’s a real chance he could kick 100 goals this season.


I would live to see your wish list here , fulfilled. To be honest, another 60 or 70 goal year will keep me happy.


The only reason I would be reluctant to pay him $1M+ is because of salary cap pressures. Been there and done that. The guy is a star and a marquee player no doubt.



Champion Melbourne forward Garry Lyon says Joe Daniher’s wild accuracy issues are holding him back from being a million dollar commodity.

After the AFL announced nine players got paid in seven-digits last season, Lyon and former Essendon captain Tim Watson named who their think deserves to be getting paid a million dollars.

Both men left Daniher off the list, despite the Bomber kicking 65 goals last year and showcasing his immense athletic capabilities.

According to Lyon, a lack of faith in his set shot accuracy is the major hurdle to paying the 24-year-old a major salary.

“I couldn’t pay a man a million dollars who stands in front of the goals 35 metres out, and I’m not guaranteed he will put it through the sticks, let alone the point posts, and is still a chance to put it out of bounds on the full,” he told SEN Breakfast.

Champion Data ranked Daniher average in the shot at goal accuracy category last season, but it did improve by 10 percent from 2016.

Watson agreed with Lyon, saying, “he is getting there, but I don’t think he is quite there yet.”

Essendon’s 2018 campaign begins on Friday March 23 against Adelaide.


Gary Lyon is a known Essendon hater and a flog!

On the open market Joey is easily worth a mil


Dalsanto said given the choice between Dangerfield and Joey, he would take Joey !


He’s more accurate than Buddy, yet he’s paid $1m +


Don’t bring facts to a click bait fight