#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Do you seriously think he lacks confidence?


Thanks Klawdy, I’ll look out for your chunky knit at Docklands Sunday.


He’s not lacking in confidence and he’s not lacking in professionalism. He’s just having a bad run.


Honestly think he’s restricted by the left knee.

Was reluctant to bend on the weekend, … don’t think he did once,. … just kicked it off the turf when he would normally put his head over it.


If he can’t bend, he shouldn’t be playing.


The old ‘if he’s injured he shouldn’t be playing’ - probably 25% of players every game are carrying niggles.


If he can’t bend properly, he’s too injured.


Pentosan polysulfate sodium will cure what ails ya.


It’s ok, cause it’s not listed as prohibited.


Didn’t think he was that bad? Also Langford stole a goal off him.




Can we please just drop him to the magoos until he gets his head right


Yep, agree 100%. Currently a liability.


Farty Mc Brainfart


Nothing to laugh about.


Will NEVER have a season like last year ever again.

Nothing but a front runner.


And he has the cheek to have a laugh about it. Immature front runner who should spend a month in the seconds, I don’t give a ■■■■ if we don’t have a replacement, it’s about culture, and right now his attitude makes me want to vomit.


Genuine question. Where do we think he is at? Was he injured pre season? Slow start? Seems not really interested…


He is not taking things seriously.


Back to the magoos until he finds couple of weeks of decent form.