#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


But will the 2s help him? What’s he gonna do? Kick 7.0 on Dylan van fkn Unen?

Is he carrying a knock? If so, rest him, if not, spray him, play him and pray he fkn turns it around ASAP.


If Joe lines up at VFL level then I’m giving away footy for good.

He’s got plenty of credit in the bank.

The adjustments we have made over summer for the team and Joe are clearly not complimenting his game at the minute.

You don’t dump on stars like Joe when they are down.


Nope. Our players need to understand sub par performances have consequences. You learn fark all if all that happens is mum yells at you and then you are left to do it all again.


stupidest thing the footy world has ever seen hope it’s replayed over and over during the week


Jay Neagle deserves an apology. Joe’s effort today was next level stupidity.


Pathetic first half. Lifted BIGTIME afterwards. Then ended the game with that brainfade.

He’s all over the shop but he’ll get out of this funk soon enough.


Is an absolute gun but I think he thought it was just all going to happen for him this year.
A week in the twos would be good even if it’s just to humble him a bit.


that brain fade was bizarre and the way he just watched the dogs take it away. last year he would have tried to get it back again. Something’s not right. Knee maybe?


He made a huge mistake, but some of you are over reacting big time. Drop him to the two’s? Seriously.

No key forward will perform with the way the team is set up right now. It is a disgrace to let the opposition have loose men given ours act like nothing more than witches hats.

Finally he lifted in the 2nd half and is just out of form. It will come together.

I don’t condone his poor attitude or the brain fade, but he is not the player we should be most concerned about by a long shot.


didn’t he do something similar last year, was it against brisbane ? handballed it in the square and ■■■■■■ it up.

he should be dropped for that alone.
I get the way the whole team is playing isn’t helpful, but he just stands there and points half of the ■■■■■■■ game, then they kick it long to him and he just has no impact anyway.

2 years ago when most were on his back i said give him time. I will admit defeat and say i was wrong on one issue, is a legit dumb footballer.
Talented yes, but i’ve seen rocks with more footysmarts.


Dumb thing to do, but he didn’t lose us the game. We should have lost that game by 10 goals.

At least saw some good signs in the second half.


No one player is bigger than a club - its a fable at our club


I agree it seem an overreaction but I’m more worried that next week when he does have a blinder, ( I still think he will become the best player in the game) he will be prone to these sorts of brain fades. Maybe a week in the Magoos will be the little jolt he needs to remind him to take a breath at times.
Then again maybe it’s the crazy ■■■■ that makes him awesome.


Is not putting the required effort in. His attitude stinks at the moment. When you have just made the dumbest turnover in history- YOU DO NOT LAUGH ABOUT IT!

Drop him


Statistically was in our top 10 players on the ground. Clearly not playing his best but fmd we have bigger problems than JD right now.


The guy is a massive talent but he is what he is

Shocking kick and wont get any better and cant handle any sort of body contact

Will kill it every now and then

Enjoy the ride guys


Stuart Dew came close at Hawthorn.


it’s a chicken v egg situation really, is JD a big issue or issues up the ground.

i watched him a bit today, and for a guy his size and his atheleticism, he just stood there alot and pointed to a spot he wanted it kicked. that was it.
for a guy who’s only way to mark in a contested situation is either outjump or outlead, that’s pretty poor.

so is it a lack of moving forwards that creates no options, or poor skill. granted at present who knows cos they are both proving to be a problem.


I told you so.


If he’s going to be dropped for anything it’s that fkn 50m sideways pass that ended up in a turn over