#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


I don’t see the point of dropping him will kick 6-7 goals in the VFL and then be brought straight back in he will be too good for that level

Going through a form slump atm just needs to to work through it


Just watched the last qtr again. Joe’s not a smart bloke but what the ■■■■ is Josh Green doing calling for the ball?

Seriously Josh. Calm Joe down and talk him through what he needs to do to kick the goal.


It was a 4 meter handball, Richmond, Geelong, Hawthorn players would all do exactly the same thing, (and be lauded for being selfless) the difference being they wouldn’t handball it at his ■■■■■■■ feet.


Daniher shot from 70 where he kicked it OOF he should have centered it. Selfish

Then handpass to green rather than go hack and have a shot at goal dumb.

There is no way green would have given the hands off in the reverse situation.


big credit from me for hauling himself into the game after half time. Started to look legit threatening and actually going for his marks rather than predicting contact/free kicks.

The brainfade? I saw it. I still dont believe it.

But it shouldnt disguise how putrid we were just because “oh, but Joe could have put us within nine points”


It was this point that I turned off POXTEL and ripped into two light beers, couldn’t watch any more.

I watched every moment of every games during the saga.

What. the. Actual.



What do you reckon was the turnaround?


This is my new pet peeve. Is Lou’s handball still a thing because our players wouldn’t even hit the board. ■■■■ me it’s a handball, Auskick should sort this skill out.


Lack of second efforts were another big issue from Joe today. The 2 best players on our list haven’t fired a shot so far this season.




When you are that close to goal there is no need to handball Joe should have gone back and kicked the goal dumb play.

Going back and having a shot is the best part of the game don’t understand players wanting to give it off to a team mate when in range.


problem is that he always misses set shots


There will come a day when I can speak about that brain fade.

Today isn’t that day.


Joe was lucky that it didn’t cost us the game if we were in a winning posistion


my sister actually yelled out tonight “Oh No Joe Daniher has the ball”


I wonder what’s happened to Joe?
looks like a shell of his former self.
No confidence at all
What happened to daniher of anzac day last year?


he lacks a heart


Green was dumb asking for the handball. Joe is a leader at the club. Leaders take responsibility in moments. He passed off that responsibility.

His attitude stinks. Drop him to the VFL- not too find form but to show him there are standards that need to be met

You want to send a rocket up the playing group to let them know nobody is immune from bad performances and bad attitudes . Drop Daniher and send the mother of all messages to the team that garbage like that will no longer be tolerated.


It was a good call,… he just handballed it short by a foot or so.

He farked it up. Shitt happens.


Come on. Your not serious are you. A key forward, handballing to someone 10m out with a player right on them, is a good call and it was a bad handball due to skill?