#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


It was a ■■■■ ■■■■■■■ call. Open your ■■■■■■■ eyes. Even if he nails the hand pass green gets dumped instantly.


I haven’t seen the replay yet, … but IIRC Joe would have been going back on a fairly acute angle on his wrong side, … and I’m sure he’s knee aint right, and his kicking has been shitful, … so Green might have felt his doubt and called for it,… and lets face it, if the handball reaches him chest height, . it’s a goal.

Lets just say it was “A” call then, for the minute, … :smirk:


Yeah hell of a ■■■■■■■ angle. Wrong again. https://twitter.com/AFL/status/982887322512384000


Imagine if he kicked it 10 points down with all the momentum would have ran over the top of the Doggies

■■■■ ya Joe.


Its probably better that he didn’t.

Last thing this team needs is more cracks papered over.


It’ll take a bag of 7+ next week for me to even think about forgiving him for that.

It was just… Oh man, that’s the biggest tantrum I’ve thrown at the footy for a while.

I texted Mrs Peos on the train on the way home and said “You might have divorced me had you come to this game.”

She texted back “Let me guess. Joe’s fark up?”


Nothing wrong with the call IMO. Village quality handball


Haven’t read the whole thread.

2 points/questions

  1. After having such a successful year last year has Joe gotten a big head? Doesn’t try as hard as he doesn’t think he has to.

  2. When Joe was quiet in games last season he got thrown in the tuck to get his hands on the ball a bit and that often lead to a few special things happening. ANZAC day springs to mind. I haven’t seen him do that so far this year. They prefer to throw jimmy in the ruck. Give Joe a go and get him some touch.


If Joe wants to be the big. Marquee forward he thinks he is. He has to go back.and slot it. Not do the laziest ■■■■■■■ handball of the night to someone about to be tackled.


When I’m at the game I’m 100% behind the boys. But yesterday I just found myself getting angrier and angrier as the game went on, and when he did that I lost the fkn plot!


Haha same

I left during the last qrt so i missed it lucky i did because a few bins would have been kicked on the way out.


This guy has talent to burn but is treating the game like a joke. Is it his way of coping with failure? I hope he realises the clock is ticking on his career. It’s been a few years now and he has promised a lot but not delivered.

The trouble with the club culture is that he just seems to get a tap on the wrist for those type of brain fades. It may not be so, but it’s the only conclusion I can draw when someone thinks that screwing up a crucial goal is worth a bit of a laugh.


Of you’re like me you do.

I’ve made a habit of laughing at my biggest [email protected] ups, I’ve found it works better for me than running myself down. Doesn’t mean I dont care, i take it as a “I’m so [email protected] stuipid right now I have laugh at how dumb my choice was”.

Better 2nd half. Pity about the brain fade as we hsd momentum, but Joe didn’t lose it for us.

And you don’t send Joe to the seconds yet, especially not if you’re moving Hooker back :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Have you ever played a team sport? If I dropped a crucial catch in my C grade cricket team I can assure you I would not laugh about it. And that is hardly professional!


Acceptable decision.

Horrid handball.


Everything was wrong with it. Green should not have called for it and Joe should have ignored him when he did. Average football.


Horrid handball- yes. But Green would have been hot with Western Bulldogs player close by. Not a high percentage decision.
The thing with Joey, and this came up with other matches this year, is that his decision making and awareness has been poor. Letting the shot clock run past 30 secs and then being called to play on being a recent example. He needs to smarten up.





Can you please just delete that.


it’s mesmerising.


If he really had to handball it should have been to Orazio but why the hell did Green call for it?