#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


what ■■■■■■ me off even more is that he didnt even go in after the ball at the subsequent contest at the goal line. Just stood there with hands on knees like a stunned mullett.

If you fark up, you atone, Joe couldnt be bothered. That annoyed me.


He has to be restricted, did not take a step into the handball at all. Regardless whether its the right or wrong decision he get absolutely no body weight behind it and just leans forward as he punches the ball. If he is that sore after landing from a couple of feet in the air, he should not be playing.


Yeah I agree. He looks like he’s struggling to move at the end of that.


not sure why green was looking for a goal in that situation.

anyway we NEEDED to lose yesterdays game. even if that mightbhave turned it.

it was a terrible performance. wonder how Port will be next week on the rebound?


Sure do, but everyone else around me knows I’m a competitve beast in the field. I can just laugh at my stupidity.

Joe’s going to make dumb mistakes, he has that in his game. It’s what makes Joe Joe. While you may berate yourself or slap your head or give yourself pep talks in front of the mirror, dont confuse his amusement of his stupidity as a negativity - I get it.

Now that playing for the free kick is another story.



and thank you for saying please.


Would love to see the bowler who would laugh with you when you drop a catch off a batsman who scored a double century the previous week!

Nervous laugh or not, it gives a bad impression.


The trouble for us guys who were around albeit very young early on, is that we have been around to see 6 Premierships, about 10 Grannies and quite a lot of success.
In the 70’s not so. But no matter what, we came out in those years, and the other side if they won at least came off very sore.
Watching that gutless rubbish yesterday, the only thing the Bulldogs would have been sore from was running us off our feet.
The only way to get through a message, that is being ignored by a bunch of these playing morons, is for some high profile people kicking off the dew in the Ressies.
It worked for Simon Madden who started on the Reserves bench against Fitzroy one time after Sheed’s let rip.
Later he won Norm Smith Medals, Flags and is on the Board. I suggest Daniher be dropped. Not kidding. He’ll get a message. And his 42 mates sure will too.
Can you imagine what is going the minds of Simon and the Board, the Staff, the volunteers, the past players, and the 1 million Supporter Nationwide that puts the girls out on the ground week in, week out after yesterday, given our History and Culture of Success?
A f**king disgrace to the Club, all involved behind the scenes, the old timers and the supporters.
FUMING. :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:


So your that guy that kicks the bins…


Joe should be dropped for the handball and Green should be dropped for calling for it.


Joey would have chosen to handball the bin and…


execution of the handball is pretty much on par with the execution of all of our other handballs for the match. Why can we not hit a target with a simple handball?


live from woosha’s press conference.

"I wish to commend joe on following team orders and playing the Essendon Brand of Football (EBoF).

At Essendon we like to test our players, at all facets of the game to enhance the EBoF.

Joe performed this to perfect that not even the coaching staff could plan for.

a terrific showing of the EBoF and a wonderful example of leadership…

The sheer genius of handballing it at the feet of a crumbing forward, never in my years have i thought of a player doing that, giving Josh the opportunity to improve his skillset mid game in a proper pressure situation…

This shows that joe can has a future in coaching."

“yeah good question”


In 2018 Joe has been playing within himself. He looks restricted, at least until after half time where he started to get more involved in the game but he couldn’t sustain it. Physically, there’s an issue. Joe’s kicking lacks penetration and he’s overcompensating by trying the kick the cover off the sherrin, shanking it every which way.

Major disappointment to date especially given other young stars (and older ones like Buddy) are taking their games to the next level. The only + is that he’s taking one of the oppositions best defenders but the other forwards aren’t taking sufficient advantage.


“It worked for Simon Madden who started on the Reserves bench against Fitzroy one time after Sheed’s let rip.”

I can remember Sheedy being asked whether he thought Simon Madden may be upset at being dropped. His answer was that he sincerely hoped he was upset as he needed to get the message.


ATE don’t take this the wrong way but were you at the game yesterday?

He is not restricted. He simply plays the games on his own terms.
It’s an attitude thing.

When there is a chance of a screamer he will work his crack off. When he has to chase he doesn’t bother.


Yeah, I was there as depressing as it was. I’m banging on about Joe being restricted mainly on his kicking action. He’s trying to force the issue which is impacting his efficiency. There’s a lack of fluidity in both his kicking and general body movement. That’s what I’m seeing at the moment. Cheers


there’s a lack of penetration on his handballs too


It’s not a nervous laugh, it’s a “I can’t believe I can be so brilliant and then be so [email protected] retarded” laugh, one step up from a wry smile. I certainly wouldn’t give two hoots if it was a bad look to you if I did something stupid on the field and gave myself a knowing laugh, as long as I knew I was giving my all and there was merit to what I was trying. In the same vein as his finger twirling for me, I couldn’t give a ■■■■ as it means nothing.


I guess the choice to first wear long sleeves in 30 degrees was an early sign that his decision-making was going to be cooked AF for the day…