#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Didn’t mind him trying something different given not much is working for him this year.


He should have kicked the goal himself. That was an absolute brain-fart.


Good round for goal kicking stuff ups.


I actually thought handballing was a good idea. It would have saved a possibly important 15 or 20 seconds compared with lining up etc.

If he could hit a target from 3 m it’s in, even with the dogs player almost on Green. Put no weight through the feet. Handballed like my mum would, and she’s 85.

I don’t actually care so much about the skills errors even including this one, and the kicks. I’d like to think he’s working on them, although I don’t know that. I hope he is carrying something because otherwise the casual saunter with no intent to apply any pressure when the oppo has it is disturbing.

They walked it through our zone repeatedly because guys did not stretch the zone to cover dangerous players moving through, or only moved slowly after someone broke into the gap. and no-one was seriously pressuring the kicker. Joe was one of the worst at this, especially when you consider how fast/agile he can be in attack. Once a player gets a couple of metres from Joe going away, he trots. Smith didn’t get that much ball but his defensive running and repeat efforts to tackle were fantastic.


That’s disgraceful. Go and follow Carlton, they need a few members. How you could say that about one of our best players who has brought us so much enjoyment in his short career probably says something about you.


That’s what it was- a split-second decision that went awry. It happens.


He’s low on confidence. Hopefully his two last quarter goals bring him some belief. Assuming he’s fully fit, he only needs to slot a few and it will all come back. He has way too much talent to be down for too long.


I love Joe.


Can your mum tackle? MIght still be a spot for her.


Was debating Joey’s reaction with a Carlton supporter today (as in I was venting about it because I’m still shitty at the loss).

They actually told me to give Joey a break, it was discussed on the radio and apparently Joey had a bit of a breakdown in the rooms afterwards.

Anyone else hear anything like this?! If true, I won’t lie, I feel terrible.


That Reid one is a bewdy. :slightly_smiling_face:


If that’s true then I’m glad to hear it as it shows me he really does give a toss. He won’t be fluffing around with silly celebrations next week. I take back my call to drop him - maybe he has learned a lesson.


You don’t take a ripping mark 10 metres out when the game is in the clutch and hand ball it off. And to crack a smile after doing it is even worse. Yes I understand you love the game but that it not the time to be smiling really made my blood boil after seeing that.


Worsfold pulled him up on it after the game we will see a diffrent Joe next week


needs to grow up.

he kicked a determined goal too.

get some.mongrel into you. ffs Joe, you are a Daniher.

be more terry or neale and less like your old man or uncle chris please.


I don’t mind him making a decision to handball. They are split second decisions and if it had come off would be fine. I mind that is was such an awful handball.
These guys are professional footballers. If you are going to give away a certain goal to someone in a better position, you had better make sure that your delivery is perfect.
Joe is a very naturally talented footballer. Unfortunately from the time he came on the afl scene he has been encouraged to believe that he is part of the second coming.
I got flamed on Blitz once before for suggesting that he shouldn’t have been sharing the stage with his father and uncles at one of the EfC functions.
My point then was, and still is, that they had all earned right to be there. Joe hadn’t. It’s still my point.
This is player that has been encouraged to believe that all he has to do is turn up, train a bit, go through the motions, and it will all happen.
And EFC has done nothing to discourage that attitude.
He needs to understand that he is lucky he has the talent, but the talent is useless without the work. There are plenty of talented kids out there.
The real work needs to start now, and if that needs to be in the VFL then so be it.
No one, regardless of their heritage, has a God given right to play AFL football. It’s a privledge that has to be earned.



You miss qouted me I like Joe but that brain fart was a FU Joe moment


I…literally…did not mis-quote you.


I mind that he handballed. I mind a lot. Joe’s going to be the marquee for we’d for Essendon for 10 more years. he’s 15 metres out on a slight angle. If he doesnt have the confidence to kick that the club has failed him, and he’s failed himself with his preparation.

Would buddy pass that off? Kennedy? Tom lynch? Tex Walker? Ben ■■■■■■■ brown? What about you future marquee forwards like hipwood? It’s a microcosm of the absolute stupidity exhibited by Essendon players the last 10 years. It’s like Stanton/Zaka demanding the overlap handpass as their tagger is on their ■■■■ and tbell still ■■■■■■■ gives it to them.