#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


he should be dropped plain and simple. he won’t be, but he should.

you lot can kid yourselves all you like that it was the right decision, just bad handball. You should know why he didn’t want to take it on himself to kick it, cos the pressure was too great for him and his pathetic kicking for goal.

It’s a bigger deep seated issue of just a ■■■■ handball, we have a ff who doesn’t want to take set shots from anywhere closer than 50 meters cos it’s to hard to learn how to kick for goal properly.

I’m also sick of the lack of leading, and just holding up a hand and pointing.

I know i’ll cop alot of hate for saying it, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and examples must be made, and standards set, cos we all know he will do it again at some point, ■■■■ up or not, because he still does not want to take shots on goal too close to the actual goals.


I agree that he didn’t want to take the shot.

Had he nailed the handball, Green would have most likely kicked the goal, but he wasn’t exactly ‘in the clear.’

Not that Joe would know. He didn’t look, he just saw an opportunity to ‘not’ have to kick it, and he couldn’t dish it off quick enough.

I wouldn’t drop him though, I just think that’s unnecessary.


There were about 100 unnecessary handballs in the game. It wasn’t just Joe, I think we had an overeaction to the “playing too fast” comments of Worsfold.


Because at the end of the day, unless you are not interested in Joe anymore, you look for what will bring the best result for the team - and that would not be ‘dropping him to the 2’s’. That’s just butt-hurt fan vengeance talking.


His I’ll disciplined display at Optus Oval had me wanting him in reserves, this performance is not about his performance it’s about his attitude towards his team and the fans.

He must be taught that undisciplined acts won’t go without consequences, nobody in our team after dismal performances should be bullet proof, John won’t be helping him if he doesn’t he will be hindering and encouraging him even more by allowing it.


From what John was saying post match the they pulled him up on it Joe want be handballing off again.


It’s not the one act that is the major concern, although wtecklkess and stupid it doesn’t warrant him being dropped for that. Its his undisciplined acts and attitude that must be addressed and changed.


Not sure if anyone has brought it up, but Green should not have been calling for the handball either. Does not excuse the handball, but as a team mate you should just say to your team mate go back and kick it in that situation.

There was another incident in the last when Stewart was taking a set shot and as Stewart was running in Green was running past still trying to get him to pass it. There was no need for it, and he should be told to stop doing it.


Hird and Crawford gave Green a massive bake in their podcast. It was selfish hungry footy from Green. Exactly what you expect from Green every week. Filthy ■■■■■■■ fire crotch!!!


Massive error by Joe, but he started to look very dangerous in the second half after 2 1/2 ordinary games.
People that want him dropped after showing a turn around like that are utterly deluded. Someone wanted McKernan in for him FFS! Imagine the truck load of acid their parents must have taken.
Joe is a top 5 player in the league when on and he started to look like he was really warming up. Reckon he’ll have a blinder this week.


The suggestion of dropping Joe for McKernan is the dumbest thing I’ve read on the internet. Sooooooo ■■■■■■■ dumb.


Daniher seemed to wake up in the last quarter. It was the first time this season he has shown any form. But that shocker that potentially cost us the game!! Fair dinkum. He has to get his head together again. I wondered if he was carrying an injury, but I just think his attitude has been all wrong.


We were in a winning position. I believe he would have made the margin 4 points. Or maybe it was 10. But winnable. The fact is that we didn’t deserve to win!


sometime’s blokes are just out of form and down on confidence. the smiles and the laughing are all nothing more than window dressing. a veneer. a facade to hide what lies beneath.

He did seem to turn the corner on the weekend. But not to the extent that he was confident enough the ■■■■■■■ bullshit calls for a joe the goose handpass in the goal square from a selfish hungry little fire crotch!!!

■■■■■■■ Green!!!


The fact that anyone would be blaming Joe is entirely missing the point… Do you think any of Cyril or Bruest or Puopolo would’ve called for that handpass from Franklin during their premiership era??? That was ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ from Green. Selfish garbage. Any team with an ounce of leadership and team ethos doesn’t do that ■■■■, not 15m out from goal! Ridiculous.


Don’t make Green the whipping boy for this. These are AFL players that should be able to execute a 2 meter handball under no pressure and with their preferred hand.


That’s a pretty funny line.


He shouldn’t have been asked to give the ■■■■■■■ handpass in the 1st place. Team first football isn’t asking for a joe the goose when a bloke is 15m out and just taken a contested mark surrounded by 2. It was ■■■■■■■ shithouse from Green.


This can be ‘spun’ many ways. Point is - players were not focused.



You were probably one of the most excited Blitzers when we got Stringer, saying things like we’ll be laughing in the Bulldogs’ face and how much they’ll regret letting him go. Have you turned on him yet?