#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Good call by me.


you got to keep having the shot…only way to get better…i remember a game buddy kicked 6 points, but ended up kicking crucial goals in the last quarter and won game for his team.


There were three glaring mistakes all in one with the Daniher error.
The decision by JD to h/ball.
The fact that Green called for it.
H/ball couldn’t hit the target from 2 meters.
We were mistakes ridden all day. This just capped it off. A snapshot of the whole day.


Does Joey D need to get on his bike more and lead up the ground like reiwoldt get into the game more…


Definitely, in my view. When he has, he has been outstanding. I don’t like Joey as a 50m specialist. I want him ranging down the wings like Stewart.


JD has history of dumb decisions / poor execution under pressure

Took a great mark versus Swans last year then his kick was to advantage of opposition in middle of ground… rebounds back. Goal.

Just not sure he is the most intelligent lad at times.

Green had no one in front of him but was up to JD to recognize not to handball with heat coming behind. Or if he going to do it handball effectively.

I think Stevie J would have done same as Green in that situation over the years. Especially given time was running out on clock.


One of the most sensible comments on here.


If the bloke has a history of dumb decisions in big moments, then every other forward within cooee of him should’ve been crash tackling him to the ground the moment he was paid the mark to ensure he didn’t do anything stupid… Not call for the cheap ones in the goal square with opposition defenders closing in from every angle… Team play isn’t just giving the extra handpass to a bloke in a better position or centring the ball to a free man in the corridor… It’s also about knowing when not to call for the ball to pad out your stats and make your game look a little better on paper. Dare I say it, Raz wouldn’t have been calling for that handball, nor Walla for that matter…


Selfish, hungry…that’s exactly what an opportunist goalsneak should be. Green did nothing wrong. Joe had to assess whether to give it or not to and he chose poorly. And he did so because taking a shot from 10m out is too scary for a $800K key forward,


it was equally dumb on both parts. Green shouldnt have asked, Joe shouldnt have given. Simple as that.


It was dumb on greens part, but the stupidity that Joe displayed in that moment is in another stratosphere. The guy is in the leadership group, anyone with half a brain knows to go back and kick the goal.

He was 12m out!


Leader? Joe?

Smith will be the next captain. Zerrett VC. Hepp needs to let it go.


What exactly don’t you like about Heppell’s leadership?


When ex-footballers are apportioning blame to Greene I guess supporters should take heed yet, IF Daniher executes correctly Greene kicks the goal, end of story. Essendon are 10 points down with all the momentum. Yeah, they don’t “deserve (such a stupid notion. If you’re in front at fhe end of the game you rightfully win irrespective of how the result is acheived)” to win but they had every chance to. It’s not the first time Daniher has cost his team games.


IF that was Lloyd and Bewick…Llyod would have went back and had the shot.

Greeny probably has a performance contract on how many goals kicked. you expect him to call for it.

Joe should be able to go back and do the team thing and kick the goals.


It’s why Lucas never bothered to learn to handball. He was never going to use it.


it’s instructive to Joe’s lack of confidence at the moment. Joe last year was never giving that handpass. Back off the mark, play on and snap around the corner, goal.


You owe us one this weekend Joe.


After 3 ok games? Please.


It was complete stupidity, but calm down people. One bag and Joe will be back to “get him up here I want to boof him” status.