#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


It would send a message.
And a big one at that.

This guy is what on a very big contract now , he demanded the big bucks , and theoretically desrrved it, but he has to be going back and kixking those goals, at the very least, taking the shot.

He will be destroyed mentally like cloke if he is continually allowed to shirk responsibility.
And then when we need him to stand up, he wont be able too.

Words do norhing to this group, except go in one ear and out the other.

It doesnt bother me at this point. If worsfold continues to play him, nothing will change. And that will mean probably nothing will change on field. , and as someone pointed out in the worsfold thread, he will lose supporters this year , and his job will be gone, granted i doubt je would care, he will get a nice payout , but at least he’d be gone.

And at this stage , anyone who doesnt imleove us , the sooner they are ■■■■■■ off , the better.


No, it was because he was trying to rush and save time.


LOL… in a game when we were absolute trash and soundly beaten… ppl are still worried about this act?!

  1. the decision to handpass was wrong but not altogether the worst decision I’ve seen on a footy field. Green called for it (wrongly) and he was keen to save time and keep the momentum going.

  2. had he executed the handpass (which is the true crime) then it would have looked quite routine

  3. the bad handpass (shocking) should still have been slotted through if Green had any goal sense about him. Once he saw it was at his feet, he should have just soccered it through or tapped it to Fantasia who was clear on the LH side goal post

  4. even with the fumble, tackle and mess… we still should have scored a goal

  5. Why were we outnumbered so badly in the F50? There is about 6 defenders to 3 attackers and that sums up our problem all game

  6. Players fark up… sometimes in a massive and embarrassing way. I think JD learns from it and I doubt we see him make the same mistake again.

7)we didn’t deserve to win the game. At all. I’m glad (well not glad) we can at least start from a place of truth this week rather than fluking another win and kidding ourselves that everything is ‘fine’.


People saying: “Don’t drop him” is just so indicative of our culture right now.

There is a “free-ride” culture embedded into our playing group at the moment and it has plagued us for almost 2 decades.

Joe might come out this week and kick 10 but his form suggests that he is far more likely to come out and put in a performance of similar quality to the first three rounds.

I would much rather see Joe get dropped for a week or so to the potential detriment of our forwardline in an attempt to put a rocket underneath him and show other players in the side that everyone is replaceable and that if you don’t perform or follow instructions then you won’t be picked for the senior team.

You can tell at the moment that players aren’t scared of performing badly because they know that if they are a senior player that they more than likely won’t be dropped. This then leads to players placing no real value on their performance and breads the current culture that we have.

In this case “close enough” ain’t “good enough”.

I’ve wasted my breath writing this anyway because we all know nothing of the sort will happen.


Supporters can only hope this is Joe’s “line in the sand moment” for 2018 (much like the Melbourne game last year) ‘cause if he extracts the digit Essendon’s chances of winning games increases substantially


Bruest maybe…


The problem is that Hepp was annointed from the day he got there. As has Zerrett been.
The young gun player isnt always the best leader.
Look at Nick Maxwell. Great leader.
We should spend more time looking for people that the others follow, they are the leaders. Then develop their skills further.


What a pathetic post by you about green. If you think that’s why he tries to kick goals then you have no idea about footy…at all.


The players WANTED Hepps as their leader, they follow him.



zach wasn’t touted as anything but a small forward with midfield potential, nothing about leadership.

it was a ■■■■■■■ shock to the system how driven he turned out to be, thats why now he’s getting called for it. because he took this steaming pile of dog ■■■■ club in 2016 put it on his ■■■■■■■ meatball shoulders and made us competitive.


Well clearly the example he is setting is not quite cutting it.


Hep is one of the hardest trainers at the club, always doing extras. He is still one of our best players, BOG round 1. And he shows genuine care for his team mates and is well respected.

The whole team has been garbage last two weeks

Going after Hep seems an over reaction


I disagree. Hird was often very inspirational and we still got rolled by the opposition (after 2001), same with Lloyd.

I know we all like to blame someone after a loss (or 5,000), but I hardly think Heppell as captain is the issue.


This. All of this.


Spot on. Those Essington moments stretch through the Hird and Lloyd captaincy eras.




I am not suggesting his being capatin is the reason for losing.




The players have quite a big say in who is captain. Do you think they were voting for the ‘good bloke’ to make it easier on themselves?

Edit - never mind, I’m a few days too late lol



Out of form from a player is one thing but to put hands on hips straight after you make a blunder and smile about it is inexcusable