#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Seemed a find a bit of form today. Which was pleasing.

But IMO needs to stop trying to do those miracle hangers (especially in our defensive half) and just impact the marking contest positively. He gavevone free away but prolly could have been pinged for x2 more.


Yeah, I dunno, he’s barely going. It’ll click, but all in all he’s first month has been poor. I didn’t think he was great again today, first half was shocking in particular imo

Needs a GOOD game sooner rather than later




Let’s hope he can get his act together for next week, hoping the MCG may suit him better.


I’ve only seen the last quarter, and he has done nothing wrong, two goals, one flukey, and crashed the pack on the wing which got us a goal and sealed the game. So, two himself and a contribution to another.


Not only embarrassing but you can see the umps are now refusing to pay frees to him even when they are there.


Working his way back into it.

Lets hope you’re right Miss E. 10 day break won’t do whatever’s troubling him with that knee any harm.


I thought that too. Bad look.

Its like when you have children & one of them is a goody 2 shoes and then all of a sudden out of the blue they’re doing all the wrong things, and in the end all they wanted was your to get your attention.


He did lay off a fair few today. Myers and bags in the first, stringer in the last. Took a few marks. If he’d kicked the snap from 40 (shouldn’t have snapped the set shot from that far) and finished with 3 it would have been a very decent baseline game.

He’s still doing too much stupid ■■■■ though, playing for frees and giving away cheap frees chief among them.

Who do the pies send to him?


At the start of the Fox coverage it put up some stats for who’s been used most going forward.

Hooker 26

Stewart 17

Joe 13


Joe’s gonna light up Anzac Day with a finger twirl so hard it’ll make your bowels hurt


That kick around the corner for goal when 35m out on 45 degree angle. Fark me

insert gif file over 1mb that the board doesn’t like

"I can't just focus on myself any more – I've got to be a leader and support my teammates, and I'm looking forward to that challenge"


He looks injured


He just isn’t launching himself into the marking contests as he was last year, I think his knee is bothering him.


He did a pre-match pre-match stint where he went through routine of taking a set shot from about 40 metres out. Moving from in front to about 13, 30 45 degrees and then on the boundary. He was ok. Except for the boundary shot he as kicking with a standard kicking style, not across the body. And while I can’t speak for his mind set he seemed to be going through the motions somewhat. He kicked most, but not all. But the thing I thought was that when he did miss a shot he didn’t go back and try again, he just went on to the next angle. I’d prefer he goes back, and does it again until he nails it. Actually wouldn’t hurt to do 2-3 shots at each angle. Or do the whole thing again.

When he took that kick around the body it was back to 2016. He had it worked out last year and then that crops up. Why do that on his preferred side??!! Pleasing that he went for the standard approach and nailed it later in the game. Funny bloke is Joey, and he is going to thrill us through his career. Thrill us like a rollercoaster, exhilarating but also with those heart in your mouth and screaming moments.




I have no issue with him using the snap where he feels comfortable, He’s done it multiple times from various angles and has kicked more than he’s missed, I’d argue his conversion from the snap is higher than the regular drop punt from similar angles.

FWIW yesterday was his best game this year, Still well below his best but he stood up in the last and had a big impact.

Had 4 direct goal assists as well, I’m including the Sheppard on the line for Myers long bomb in the 2nd.


He’s not getting the ones that are there now, as he’s cried wolf too many times.

That missed link up with Goddard was pretty telling as well.


Watched him a lot yesterday, his positioning was not good at all. Was always 15m too close or too deep from where the next kick was going to be. Not sure if he’s injured, but he just doesn’t seem to be getting near the contest enough rather than necessarily being beaten by his opponent.