#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


Is there any area of his game that JoeD has improved over the off-season?


He’s all over the shop at the moment. His positioning’s poor, he’s not leading with any great purpose, his kicking for goal has relapsed and (most of all) his timing is atrocious. He was lucky not to concede several free-kicks yesterday with poorly-timed and ill-disciplined leaps.
He’s leaping OK, which makes me think he’s not injured, just badly…
It seems mental. Given his breakout year in 17, did he think it was all just going to happen this year? Could it be perhaps that he’s preoccupied and is uncle isn’t travelling all that well at the moment (shit, I hope not…)


…or the opposition are setting up differently/better on him. He would have come under greater scrutiny by the opposition coaches.


Quite possibly - he did regularly seem to have two guys on him throughout the game y/day.


i wondered that too.



Oppositions trying to block his run every chance they get.


Apart from ~10 minutes stretches in the third and fourth quarters, yes, Port started with seven defenders with the extra guy loitering around Joe.

Their extra guy did a LOT less damage than Hooker did (often our sixth defender versus five forwards).


I’m obviously in the minority but I thought he was ok yesterday. Wasn’t his day, things just weren’t working for him but he still found a way to contribute. I think he had two direct goal assists in the first quarter and at least one in the 3rd. Then kicked two in the last when Port mounted a mini challenge. Soon he’ll kick 4+ and kick start his season but I thought he was reasonable yesterday when some key forwards would have just sooked. Like Chuck Dixon for instance.


Yep, so he should take his two men away rather than taking them to the contest and giving away free by trying to take speccies.

If he wants to play for the team that’s the best thing he can do.


Agreed. Either that or play further up the ground and into the ruck as others have suggested. Get him involved and maybe get a few more one on ones when he does push deeper again.


If he doesn’t have an injury niggles, he needs to have a couple of minutes in the ruck each quarter. It always gets him in the game and mixes up how the opposition defenders set up. Also gives him more opportunity for the long goal that fires him, the team and the supporters right up.

He’ll come good soon enough, but he does need to cut out the staging efforts. Matthew Lloyd should have a chat to him about it.


I disagree. Joe should never become a decoy. He is not Jack Reiwoldt who is praised for allowing others in the game masking that he doesn’t have it any more and hasn’t for some time.

Joe made the comment in that article:

“I can’t just focus on myself any more – I’ve got to be a leader and support my teammates, and I’m looking forward to that challenge.”

Bollocks. If this “supporting my teammates” means him doing anything that stops him attacking the footy or curtailing his natural attacking instinct then forget it.

He should attack the footy and attack the game. Its that simple - Lead. Run hard. Go for your grabs. Back yourself and kick goals Joey. And don’t every handball to Green ever again, he’s a serial offender and at stealing others goals. Joey should take responsibility and play his own game.

Seriously, Joe should take his two men away from the contest? If you start getting him thinking like this you’ll turn him into a basket case and we’ll have Brereton and others saying he doesn’t have it mentally. Get back to leading and attacking the footy Joey, you’ll kill it.

And like just mentioned above, I’ve been saying it for weeks… the spell in the ruck is a good thing for Joe. He’s a beast in the ruck and attacks the game. I love it and it gives him confidence with his play up forward as he’s contributing.


Agree, tyring to say he is playing a more ‘team orientated role’ is insulting, and a major fkg cop out, and come to think of it a bit disappointing. I’d rather he just owns up that his form has been rubbish and say this is what im going to do to ensure I kick 60 goals again.


There are a bunch of things that he is doing that I would consider the exact opposite of playing a team orientated role.

Having said that, with Hooker back, it does mean Joe has to go against 2 opponents most of the day. His focus needs to be bringing the ball to ground as a minimum result. As such, I daresay that is where the team orientated role is coming from.


but heres thie thing, hes not doing that, hes not playing to his strengths and hes trying to be hooker when he physically can’t. he has to up his work rate and always be moving, so he can get some separation from the defenders. he did it a couple times yesterday where he got away from his defender(s) and lead up to the ball to provide an out.

He is playing very selfishly by trying to stage for frees, and hes earning a ■■■■ reputation that will see him never get awarded one unless its bordering on a report.



I was trying to indicate that the coaching team have likely used the words “team oriented role” with him during the week. And that is what has brought those words to his mind.

{{is it oriented, or orientated??}}


first, i reckon @Alan_Noonan_10 or @Albert_Thurgood can tell us the 2nd one is american and stupid.


Actually i think its the other way round :slight_smile:

Orientate is the English, orient the American.


Americans prefer oriented, and rarely use orientated.
British English speakers are more likely to use either.

There is an opinion that the use of orientated comes from using orientation too often in a work place jargon sense, and assuming orientated is correct.
Essentially they mean the same.
Sort out where you’re looking, where you are, based on the compass (eastwards)

Given it’s JD, bugger the compass points and perhaps use “goaltated” or “goalted” as preferred terms.
As in “Big Joe got himself goaltated with that one”


Anyone know if the stat for how many times we kick to particular players inside forward 50 is available online?

Fox showed a stat before the game showing we’d looked for Joe the least out of the Hooker / Stewart / Daniher trio. Interesting to see what the breakdown was yesterday.