#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. (Allegedly) out for rest of 2018


I saw it flash on the screen that we’d gone to Stringer 9 times, Stewart 7 and Joe 4. That might have been 3/4 time-ish?


Just taking that at face value, makes a lot of sense, joe and stewart were pushing up the ground and stringer was our deepest forward, so after coin flipping joe/james as to who to go for, it was then all on stringer.


Stringer essentially played the Hooker role.

He didn’t look like actually taking a contested mark, but he was surprisingly good at negating the contest / bringing it to ground.


When hes going instinctively, its like he has the ball on a string, seems to stay near his hands.


I’m not as worried about Joe as a lot of people. His second and third efforts yesterday were much better. He had 3 goal assists (rated elite), he consistently brought the ball to ground (despite having two opponents on him most of the day), and he got better as the game went on.Two clutch goals in the last when port were coming at us. Also regarding his goal kicking, if Joe is more confident in snapping from the pocket, and has a higher success rate, then who cares. He kicks more goals doing that then he does kicking normally from that spot. Also had three clearances from minimal time in the ruck.

He is obviously down in confidence but it was awesome to see the whole team get around him in the last quarter. Can’t wait until he dominates Anzac Day once again.


For what its worth, AFL Player Ratings had Joe as our 4th best player on the ground also…


Yes, but he doesn’t lead in straight line or up the ground like Cale. In this, I think Cale is a better support for Joe. However, Stringer is a genuine goalkicker and excitement machine in his own right.


His a great hugger.


love joe. entertainment factor.

but im not sure he is a big 8 goal plus bag kinda guy. not an old school ff.

i want him to rip a game apart just to put fear into oppositions.


I wonder if this is as good as he is ever going to get. Max Crow could never kick straight after years.


Joes improvement will come from just more consistency. I doubt he will ever pick up another element to his game, or doubt that any one area will ever improve drastically from last year… but any improvement he makes will come through just greater consistency, everyone can achieve that no matter how skillful you are


Max Crow never achieved any consistency iirc. Was a toss up between whether he kicked a goal or hit the windsock.


Watching the replay: geez Joe was important. 8 score involvements, the key man setting up our initial lead that we then never lost.


And a critical shepherd.


It will turn due him soon I reckon. Stringer and Stewart hitting the score board consistently will help. Side are paying very very close attention to him at the moment. He’ll stay to find more space when sides start putting more time into stringer.

We needed to spread our forwards better and I though we did that against port.


Building into the season.

I reackon the epic domination will start about R9 onwards. Getting slowly better each week till then.


Yesss, Joe like his mates were charged to the eyeballs on Sunday and his body language reflected this. Despite his horror set shot snap in the second he attacked the contest with gusto. Even his disposal efficiency (+ distance in his kicking) spiked from his preceding 3 game average of 45% to 66%. The signs were positive and it feels like a breakout game is not too far away.


Being at the game and watching the reply, this isnt true.
He was still constanrly outmarked by oppnents, or didnt hold easy marks.
He still constantly just stood there poinring his finger saying kick it to me.
He has gone back to having 0 goal kicking confidence, as evidenced btthe snap.
And defensively he gets caught ball watching alot.

The onky contests hw attacked with ‘gusto’ were marking contest , and i could peolly count about 5 at that.

He is along way off pace.


Like DJR said, Joe had 8 score involvements. That says he’s engaged in the contest. Not 2017 standards but what I saw at the game was a change in body language that was missing the previous 3 weeks. Certainly not where he wants/needs to be but there’s progress. Building nicely


Plenty of things going against him at the moment.
Has cried wolf too often and is now getting nothing from the umpires. He’s getting some intense attention from the opposition and I can understand that he maybe doing the team thing by taking two players with him. But he is our best and fairest and we should be playing through him. Maybe not being the most accurate and tall forwards aplenty has not called for this as well as being early in the season.
He’s looked off when having the opportunity, he had enough opportunities to dominate the game but didn’t. I don’t know if he wants it in space or the kicker is waiting for him to lead but there is some disconnect.
Hopefully playing at the MCG in front of a packed stadium it begins to click. His last quarter could be a big confidence boost.