#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. Out for 4+ weeks


And we’ll still finish out of, or barely scrap into, the eight :joy:



Happy birthday Joey!


Just what, exactly, . is “Happy” about Birthdays??

I’ve always wondered.

"Hey,… you’re another year closer to Depends & Death, … Woo Hoo!! “Happy” day…!!



We’re going to p-ss away Joe’s best years with a sh-t midfield.


Sure you don’t want to get someone else to do it?

And i agree with @bltn, save something for the GF.


Especially if GF means girl friend.


Worthy & needed Title change. :+1:


Of course he is farking elite.

Watch the Port Adelaide and St Kilda games again. He was involved with so many goals through his pressure, tackling and presence.

Elite to me means being a match winner and he is that. So is Joey, and Raz will be also next year.


Three cheers for the thread title :wink:


I’ll admit I was wrong, they are on track for 100 which is awesome but are you srsly digging up posts from 2016 just to prove you’re right? Lol


He gets it regularly checked at the alfred. When my uncle was in ICU the nurse told me Daniher was previously in that week.

Why would the nurse tell me this?

Because my uncle was in ICU being one of the people at the Essendon vs Geelong game that had a heart attack.

She said he is so tall but very skinny still. Said his knees were well


Joe goes to the Alfred? Isn’t that a public hospital? I was under the impression that AFL footballers tend to get most of their treatment within the private system (Epworth & Cabrini seem to be where players are always mentioned as being when injured or being assessed for something).


Hope your uncle has recovered Jake


Yeah, will it was a bit of fun. I really only went looking though because of the discussion in the hooker thread.


Thankss Stallion! He is as good as gold. It was lucky it happend at the MCG had all the necessary help right there.

He was in hospital/ICU/ ABI ward/ Home within 3 weeks now that’s ridiculously quick considering the ABI ward you’re usually in there on average 50 days.
And considering 90% of his main valve was blocked it was a miracle. Imagine if it happend when we were driving or walking to the footy! You always see it on tv but to think it could happen to someone close to you it was just a massive shock and I didn’t know what to do at the time.

Couldn’t be more thankful for all the personal involved!


Good to hear. Please ensure your uncle is aware that he needn’t take such drastic steps in future to stave off defeat. @Paul_Peos will be happy to nick off to the loo


As seen in the tippa thread, god knows why


So shall we agree on them both combining for a new target of 150 next year? :wink:


Sure why not. Though I think that is slightly out of reach