#6 Joe Daniher - Shock: Was playing injured. Out for 4+ weeks


Not a chance.

Avg male diet is 8,700 kj / 2,000 kcal

One trying to bulk up significantly would be wanting to eat x2/x3 that amount.


Thanks for the link DJR (starts somewhere around the 45 min mark). Sounds like James swung him to the Bombers as his coaching priority number 1 despite Morwood’s efforts.


Change thread title please. Zerrets thread was “all the medals” now it’s suddenly “none of the medals”.


I can bulk up on a lot less than that :blush:


So your saying we should trade him to GWS?


Three goals in the second quarter to take the Coleman lead back from Buddy.

Just keep kicking it to Joey. He can kick a bag yet and jump on a few Crow heads.


They are too good and it shows up our passengers.

This is the game where the coaches get out their red pens on the list for next season.


Gws don’t need any players.

They have a coaching setup like the team we are playing tonight and they win the next 5 flags.


Kennedy is going to win the Coleman - 5 goals AGAIN.


Gold Coast and Freo concede 21% more points than GWS and Adelaide.

Ain’t over yet.


Kennedy does also deserve to win the coleman. Literally played 5 less games than everyone else. He is an absolute freak.


U r right who ever wins should allow Kennedy to get the medal


We’d need Freo to go full Essington to let Joey bag 8 or 9 in the last round to win it. It’s possible.


Yep Kennedy is a machine and would have romped in the Coleman had he not been injured


I never actually said that but anyway…


JoeDan could easily kick a big bag over the next two weeks. It isn’t over.


What’s wrong with his finger?


Kennedy is the classic WCE flat track bully though. Regularly kicks big bags against the minnows.

Cripps is the absolute poster child though.


Really wish we didn’t have to use him in the ruck. Maybe pinch hit here and there but let him stay forward more or at half forward.


Probably going to need to go close to 70 goals to clinch it which would be absolutely fantastic.