#6 Joe Daniher - taking some time away from Blitz

I’m totally with you.

There only seem to be two people in the world who believe Essendon couldn’t possibly have mismanaged this and apparently they’re both posting in this thread

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We haven’t made the same mistakes at all.

Of course you are, to you Essendon are the worst club ever, no one can do anything right, all coaches and staff and every board member should be sacked and a completely new playing list brought in.

Maybe go barrack for another team then you get your wish.

I see a man’s face from the top of the nose down, with a bunch of mentos in his mouth and small narrow shoulders.

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I hope the naysayers are wrong and that Joe will return fitter and stronger than ever and, once again, dominate matches.


don’t we all

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Every single person said last year that it doesn’t matter how long he is out for- he doesn’t play again until he is completely healthy.

Why when he was clearly hampered by an injury last season did we play him so often boggles the mind

Why he was training to try and play at the end of last season boggles the mind

Why we brought him straight into AFL games this year instead of easing him back through the vfl boggles the mind

For whatever reason our club medico’s seem to love going the “manage the injury” instead of the long term view.

How hawthorn can get a guys like omeara and Scully playing good footy after terrible injuries, and we can’t keep our best players on the park consistently


I don’t mind your posts most of the time IT, you’re often a dissenting voice and that’s a really good thing. But that one - “well if you want to questionwhat Essendon does, go barrack for another team” is utter trolling rubbish and it’s beneath you.


Given our last 15 years it is not much of a stretch to say Essendon is the worst club in the AFL right now. Having our star forward go down twice in two years with the same injury deserves questioning, as does everything else right through the club. If you are happy for us to be a solid mid table club than that’s good for you, but I and many others are not happy.

I would be undertaking a thorough review of the entire football department - looking at coaching, recruiting, player development, injury management and fitness setup. It’s not like there aren’t any precedents for such a review leading to success. Two our biggest adversaries in Richmond and Collingwood undertook similar review which result in a flag for one and a heart-breaking totally awesome Grand Fianl loss for the other.

This is opposed to your view, it’s all good we are Essendon and we know best… and we don’t ever make any mistakes.


To be fair to the club, 10,000 internet experts know infinitely more than half a dozen medical experts.


The internet experts would probably have joe in the same position as he is now. So not sure the club medico’s should be walking around too happy


I wouldn’t have a clue whether we’ve done well, very well, average, or poorly in managing him. All I’ve said is given some of the circumstances, I think there’s a question about it that might need to be explored. That’s all. But apparently even that is too much for some people on here!


I agree with your point - but the dozen medical experts should be having a good hard look at what they did to understand if there was anything they could have done better. Joe’s repeat injury has to be a learning experience - one that our medical team can try to use to avoid similar issues in the future.

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With injuries surgery is always the last option.
Management of Joe has been conservative which is the better option for his long term health regardless of his footy.
The medical team at EFC know a hell of a lot more than we do, and I’d back their judgement over internet experts.




I wonder how much inflammation Joe is experiencing around that groin injury.

Here’s a novel suggestion, Intermittent Fasting. IF has been shown to reduce inflammation and have numerous other health benefits. (Has worked for me and a few other people I know).

Spot on. Blitz is meant to be a place where posters with a common interest share ideas and perspectives on the club… i.e. the whole reason online forums exist. Nevertheless, there are numpties here who want to shout down any perspective that is less than sycophantic… ‘mate, if you want to be critical of the club, go somewhere else.’

P*ss orf, (not you Redbull obviously). If you think this way, do yourself a favour and go and do some research on the whole reason forums exist in the first place. And while you’re at it, maybe engage in some self-reflection on why you’d get so upset at a supporter that just wants what’s best for their club.


My concerns stem from the fact the Football GM in Richardson is on the record as saying;

“If we had our time again we wouldn’t do anything differently”

If I farked up at work and didn’t take the time to reflect on why the mistake happened and to learn from it then my time in the job would likely be rather short. Therefore I would take a lot more comfort if Richardson had tweaked his comment to say something like this:

“we believe that we did everything right, but we will be reflecting back on what we did to see if there was anything we could have maybe done differently to avoid this reepeat situation”

Judging by what woosha said last night, the club explored a lot of options and seeked advice from everyone available bar Jesus Christ himself.

Interesting you say that - I was out with some Muslim colleagues last night to break fast. One of the topics of conversation was the added benefit of Ramadan and how it helps repair the body as fasting is great for stem cell recovery. I had never heard that before.