#6 Joe Daniher - taking some time away from Blitz

Did they consult “the internet”? :wink:


If they acted on best available advice, what could they do differently?


The point where he is ‘completely healthy’ (as you put it) is not a black line that is easily identified. It is a ‘best assessment’ based on numerous things. The condition itself is known to be intermittent, persistent, and extremely difficult to treat.

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Exactly! Research “autophagy”, the process where the body renews itself, getting rid of old and damaged cells etc. It’s interesting stuff.

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If they didn’t consult the experts on here then they didn’t give 100% to making sure Joe was right.

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Has it been explored, has it been questioned, is it being looked at?

And have they done this, or are doing this?

I agree!! Bad governance by the club! Again!

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AFL should fine them for failing to do their due diligence and neglecting the player.

And poor ol’ Joe, the innocent party here, gets pretty much a two year sentence…ugh.

Not from what they have stated publicly. Richardson said we did everything right and therefore there is no reason to reflect back.

That’s not quite right though, is it?
You are assuming that Richardson’s comment was made to assuage media/supporters, and not made based on the very reviews you are calling for.

The problem is not what the club says or does and doesn’t say or doesn’t do, the issue is that some will constantly make assumptions and run with a narrative that suits them.

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The way i see it (my speculation, opinion), is he was given almost a year to recover. It didn’t work. At some stage they had to throw him back in. A year is a long time. If they built him up slowly through the VFL this season and then played him for the last half, we wouldn’t know he was still cooked until the end of the year. He could have been locked in for surgery at that point and missed the first half of next season. If he didn’t recover after a whole year how long should they have kept “managing” him?

I think at this stage we’re lucky he’s booked in for surgery so early this year and should be good for pre-season, unless his problem is i one that just can’t be fixed.

Maybe - but we can only go by what was stated.

Anyway my big worry is that this is just another example of the club not getting something right and not asking hard questions of itself. I would have thought off the back of the saga the club would have an ingrained and entrenched culture of questioning everything. But what we have seen over the past couple of seasons this doesn’t appear to be the case. How we can start consecutive seasons underprepared is just shameful and disappointing.

That is some very skewed viewing on what happens at the club.

Do you have a mirror?

I don’t think he means in hindsight.

He means that they were confident in all the advice they had gathered.

If they had their time over, i’m sure they’d opt for surgery in about round 8 last year.

It’s frustrating where we find ourselves though.


Maybe, but perception is a massive thing. The fact the club is a midtable rabble that refuses to publicly ask hard questions of itself makes it very easy to jump to this conclusion.

I would like to understand how you really think the club is performing at the moment. Is everything fine and we are on the right path? Because if you think we are I would really like to understand how and why you believe that to be the case.

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Listened to internet experts and their mates

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