#6 Joe Daniher - taking some time away from Blitz

I didn’t know this. I must be healthy as an ox because i only ever eat dinner.

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My only narrative on Blitz is to call out the constant negative narrative a bunch of you run with without any evidence to back up the claims every single time something happens.

Maybe you need to take your own advise and do a review of how you see things and maybe adjust your paradigm.

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Oxen eat all day long.
Just saying.

I bet their bodies don’t regenerate as fast as mine though.

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The club is performing well off-field with a good governance structure, a complete rebuild of the finances, great facilities, the recruiting has been excellent with the list rebuild the last few years and one of the best training environments. The medical team work very hard and consult quite widely to get the best advise to overcome and then limit injuries (but this is not easy as other clubs at the top have been showing, our type of game is set up to create injuries).

The football side of things is going at middle of the road and should be performing much better than it is based on all the stuff above. The coaches have been provided everything they need to succeed but don’t seem to be lifting the team to the next level.

My understanding from those at the club is that there is currently a review of the coaching structure going on at the club, just quietly though. I expect changes to happen at seasons end.

Everything has been done to make this club successful again after the Saga, pretty much everything. But something is wrong with the playing group on field (not talent though) and the coaching set up. That needs to be worked on.


Yes but the Ox is slow and the Earth is patient…


We shall rebuild him

The Ox is good for media comments too


Your previous discussion regarding Intermittent Fasting may be more relevant in the Health & Fitness thread, but certainly interesting in the broader discussion of injury management/prevention.
I’ve been listening to a bunch of Podcasts on Autophagy.
Any thoughts on IF ?
Have you experimented with it for weight management, controlling inflammation etc…?


The Ox’s Tail is Very Tasty


Indeed it is :+1:

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Merely asking perfectly reasonably questions isn’t being negative.

It’s called critical thinking.

It seems you’re unfamiliar with that concept but they start teaching it to kids in about Year 8.

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I’m guessing you haven’t reached that level of schooling yet?

I am a hugely optimistic person and there are people on Blitz who will support me on this point. But my paradigm is shaped by the fact our football club has become a perennial underperformer and I am not happy about it.

Therefore we need the review and if they are doing it come out and state it. A review behind closed doors reminds me of what happened in 2012. Be open and transparent and you will get a lot more understanding from everyone with a vested interest. Also any review should be of entire football department not just the coaching panel. As you say the coaches are setup to succeed but they aren’t therefore you need to know if there is some other reason they are failing.

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The Ox’s cheek is also super to eat

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YOUR MUM hasn’t reached that level of schooling yet


Do you rest your case here?


Yo mudda…

I think that’s how the cool kids do it.

Technically every “diet” anyone has ever followed is a form of IF E.g. if we sleep for 8 hours then we’d already be doing an 8:16.
Personally I think it works so well for weight loss because it limits the window in which to eat calories rather than anything spectacular about IF itself.
Haven’t looked into inflammatory responses etc of IF, but there’s definitely evidence linking certain food consumption (eg high sugar) with inflammatory markers