#6 Joe Daniher - taking some time away from Blitz

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Me too! And this is why I’ve been outspoken in suggesting JD’s name should be put of the trade table at season’s end. Awful to say it - I love him, and the potential for him to blow up the competition with a 80-100 goal season is still there BUT he’s actually never shown consistency, and I worry this is all we’ll get from him for the next 4 seasons - a few games here, a few games there. A run in the ruck, a MOTY contender a few 2-3 goal games and that’s it and he retires end 2023. I really hope I’m completely wrong, but we’ve seen this before with players with chronic repeat injuries never reach their potential. If a club was prepared to gamble two first round picks or say a Pick #4 and #22 on him - would it be worth considering it?

There’s little room for sentiment these days, especially for a former powerhouse club sitting 12th on the ladder (again!)

LOL They’re high as ■■■■.


Whatever it takes.

What’s this “A couple of tall forwards” business? Is Joe so high that he thinks Dev is Alwyn Davey?

You think they would have got a twin room.

Think you have to wait and see if the surgery is a success. I’m doubtful we would get anything near market value this year. Therefore we can’t be trading low and expect to get anything decent in return.

Smith took the screen shot and posted it

Calling himself a tall fwd


Justin crow said that surgery was not an option for Joey last year
Not sure what that means

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Who’s the guy on his shoulder? Is it the same little man that talks to him when he’s lining up for a set shot?


The sash podcast covered it a few episodes ago. Surgery is never recommended on the first onset of the injury as 95% of OP cases will heal with the requisite rest and the risks for surgery are severe including possible sterility from infections.


We must protect those Daniher genes at all costs


■■■■ it, just put him out to stud.

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For all those that are critical of us not getting surgery the first time around and playing a player with soreness here is another example of clubs playing a sore player and surgeons preferring to go the non operative option first.

“After missing the round eight win over Carlton with the same injury and playing through pain in the past fortnight, scans on Tuesday revealed more damage than first feared. Dayne saw a surgeon a couple of weeks ago. It was agreed then to push on but it has since become clear that the situation isn’t helping Dayne perform as he and we would like. The hope is that with a general clean-up and a smooth rehabilitation he will have the time to return late in the season”.

Not sure how you can compare the two situations.

The Beams decision has been made over a 3 week period and they sacrificed a star player for 3 months to ensure he’s ready to go when he comes back.

We parked our best player in the hope that he would respond to whats considered “best practice guidelines” and after more than 12 months and numerous breakdowns he was put into surgery with a further 6 months or more recovery.

Dayne may only miss a total of 3 months yet Joe has lost almost 2 seasons.

it’s not an exact comparison but it was an example to those that disputed that clubs play sore players and that surgeons go safety first meaning the non surgery option in many cases only to have to have it later.

Which was explained in the very first paragraph.


thanks guys, i was just thinking that we should go over this whole thing again…

and again

and again

and again

and then some more. just to be sure.


I agree with that but I assume thats typical in most cases.

Our handling of it appears on face value to be different considering the huge time-frame it runs over.

Maybe when we pulled him out last season they should have done the surgery.

If that first bit is correct, than it’s likely most surgeons would not have done the procedure until a second onset, even if Joe and the club wanted surgery.

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What about on the third or fourth onset?

He broke down more than once.

IThat it wasnt just a couple of quiet ones that got him talked about around a month ago.