#6 Joe Daniher - taking some time away from Blitz

I really dislike posts like this. If you want to say something - say it.


… And if you are not going to say it… STFU!


How about, throwing it out there, we do a trade with Melbourne, Max Gawn for Joe, they get a full forward, we get the ruck we need…Flame away :laughing:

Would have to toss in a second player to get Gawn

How bigger a second player ?

Not sure about that.
Gawn is almost 3 years older, though Melb take on significant risk on a player with a serious injury 2 years running.

Their forward stocks look diabolical with McDonald spudding it up, and they do have Preuss rotting away at Casey.
Would never happen but it’s an interesting suggestion.

Another trade with zero percent probability.

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Preuss choosing to go to the Demons was a dumb decision


Yep, he’d be getting games for us. Probably would played every match.

Do that in a heartbeat. Love Joey but if we were to get a top ten pick or an all Australia ruckman I’d be open to it

It’s a weird one. He’s played 2 games and kicked 2 goals in each. You’d think Melbourne could use a guy like that on the park.

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You’d want a ready made superstar for Daniher not a top 10 pick. Draft picks are wayyyyy too overrated


Problem is we need a superstar forward. That’s exactly what Joey is. He’ll come good.


Yea I’m in the not trading him camp, Gets over his injuries and he’s a genuine superstar.

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In his current state does Joey have that much trade value?

He is worth more to us than a risk to others if they give up what he is POTENTIALLY worth.

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He’s a gun no doubt, can show glimpses of being a superstar just hope he’s body can come good one day and we can see some consistency with the big fella. Your right too draft picks are overrated , but say a Noah Anderson or a Matty Rowell was on offer I’d have to have a think about it :joy:

This is a completely hypothetical situation.

If we were to obtain him for next season, forget his contract. What would we have to give up for him?

Also, what would our ruck order be with him, Bellchambers and Draper at the start of next season? Would he be first choice ruck out of those three?

I was shocked that he went to Melbourne. He was never going to get games over Gawn, and he could have gone to 6-8 clubs where he would have been their first choice ruckman.

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Bit like Daniher really…

kicked 65 goals in 2017, been injured since. Don’t think he’s overrated he’s just injured.

He’s a proven match winner, I wouldn’t be trading him a top 10 draft pick


He is 23, he gets 3 years of tutelage under the best ruckman in the AFL, leading into what are considered his prime years.

I completely understand why he thought going to the Demons was a good fit for him long term.