#6 Jye Caldwell

I agree. I think a small forward and half/back wing with really electric pace and good skills would significantly improve the side. We desperately need at least one.


Hopefully this allows us to run out games stronger. Like we did against the Saints.

I think there is that player out there, but the baggage is real.

Nasiah Wanganeen and Liam Baker, make it happen Rosa.

Edit, yes Jye. Good qualities.

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He is already on the list but he has only played two games in the past two years.
It’s Javey he is exactly what we need in the senior side, we are crying out for a type with that electric speed and touch.
Such a shame walla dropped off the way he did

Such a shame Mozzie walked away too.

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Yep, Walla fell off a cliff and Mozzie didn’t work out. Could have handled losing one, but both? Ouch.

Can’t help bad luck.

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Jye ‘first blood’ Caldwell

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Big quarter from Caldwell

The Bronze Boy is the goods

We’re getting desperate- stringer in the middle

Can’t remember losing CBA so comprehensively, wish this guy got more of a run in there.

He was in most CBAs tonight and we got completely smacked.

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Yeah, I’m just sitting here watching all the highlights of PA running it away. And he’s in plenty of them. Ahhh.

Ripping half of footy. Flourishing in his role higher up the field.


Having a mini break out so far this year.

Loved his game so far!


Been good so far.

Hes been fantastic so far tonight

Yep, Libba normally kills us

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