6 Sep - Training Pics

No last game blues for Jobe. He still has four games left in him!

Dois kicks to the leading forward

Hurls is cherry ripe.

Game ripping apart ripe.


Still got the oven mitts on.

Walla from 50.

Straight through the middle.

Those legs are coiled springs.

Sucking it in after repeat sprints.

Bags getting it done

Marty gets airborne

Harts shows how to deal with nippy little forwards.

Big Joe is ready to go.

He’s got a big mo and a shed load left to grow.

Look at that hair flow.

Conor kicks on

“To be sure, this bloke will never catch me… Fecking hell!”

Our midfield boys getting to grips.

Darcy learns that once Zach has applied the clamps there is no removing them.

Lav was channelling Ambrose and knocked Darcy on his arsey.

And again. This is what we want him to bring on Saturday. Start using his strength and size.

Walla shows Bags and Pops how a good shepherd works.

Pops sorted the young whipper snapper out later

This bloke is looking forward to the finals.

Buddha pumps out the handpass

And then takes down Marty party.

Big Jim puts it straight through the big sticks

Myersy surprised everyone and rolled onto the left foot

Woosha showed the mids and forwards how he wanted them to set up. Panic stations!! No Hooker…


Ta man - maybe take that last photo out?


That last pick is how they were matching up for the trial game, its Essendon player on Essendon player - doesn’t give anything away for the Sydney match up.

Ahhh ok :slight_smile:Eyesight not what it used to be lol

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Yes and no. It’s nothing earth shattering but there are 3 interesting things in it for mine. 1. Thing in particular has me excited


Pigeons have wings

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I would still take it out.

It’s showing how we line up in terms of positioning.

wallas legs are 100% juicy

Unless my eyesight is playing up (most likely)

That is one short (quick) half forward line.

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Was mckernan part of training?

Can someone with eyesight and patience transcribe that?

e.g. who’s the fourth midfielder?

Zaka I think

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Did hooker train?

I read on the AFL website he did some light drills on sideline for 10 mins and went indoors.


Is Longy doing the Dab?