#6 The Joe Dan Thread - peak Blitz

Azza just won the thread.

Oh I deeply appreciate Diggers.

Appreciating Diggers and saying fark Diggers are not inconsistent.

So fark you Diggers, fark you


if diggers has

DANIHER in his back pocket it makes it all to easy.

btw if he goes. we odds on to host Sydney in round 1?

Getting a pet club in the spotlight again and hopefully for them back into finals. A lot of the AFLs expansion plans hinge on Sydney remaining a well supported club and that support is somewhat reliant on the club remaining strong on field. The AFL have routinely corrupted the integrity of the competition to benefit this end.


We’re all hanging around waiting for news.

There will be no news. There won’t be a deal. Daniher will be at Essendon next season.


tin foil hat.

there is no way JD is part of any master plan.

sydneys academy though? you wait til you see a few more gems come through there.

swans are a well run footy club


But everyone benefits when the ‘expansion’ clubs, including Sydney do well. This has been mentioned several times before but you can thank West Coast and Brisbane for the survival of the VFL in 1987. Without them, the AFL would look very different today.

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This is what I fear.


They want it done to try and stop a player welfare issue. They don’t want a million dollar player cracking the saids and forced to play for a club he doesn’t want to. Jds manager will use the media to force the afls hand. Watch the media start applying the screws the longer this goes on.

Anyone who likes AFL should want the expansion clubs to do well. We all want the best players playing AFL, not NRL, fütbol or any of the other rubbish sports. It is how the sport survives and individual clubs prosper.


“AFL” (which I hate referring to it as that, because it’s not) is now a “rubbish” sport. More corrupt than soccer by a mile.


■■■■ me this thread is off to a bad start.


I farking despise the afl. In fact if I said what I would like to happen to Gill and afl house a ban would be coming my way.


Its supposed to be a competition. How the hell does EFC benefit from Sydney being gifted players outside the draft? How does EFC benefit from Sydney having extra salary cap to poach players & retain more talent than any other club can?

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Spot on.
I don’t give a f*ck about football.
I used to love it. But the game is as corrupted As it gets.

Just like politics, it’s run by men looking for ways to boost their own family business’ income through unethical contracts and partnerships.



You live in Perth
You follow the Swans
You history of EFC is severely flawed
You are a clown :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:

I do not hate anyone, but you seriously go close. You only seem to exist here to troll and make mischief, why bother ?


For a person who doesn’t care about it you spend a lot of time ranting about it.


Ohh I agree with him. Watching it and having an interest is like a desiese you can’t get rid of.

This is what I’ve been saying for a long time. It’s sad and it’s wrong but the AwFuL will continue to do it and the football media will extol the ‘virtue’ of what they do.

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just click the ignore tab on him mate. worked for me.


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