#6 The Joe Dan Thread - peak Blitz

The question was “what do the AFL gain”. I didn’t suggest they are orchestrating the deal but they do gain from the outcome so its possible they could exert pressure on the club to see the deal done. We know this is how they operate. As you point out they are happy to corrupt the draft to benefit Sydney so they obviously have an interest in their success.

Its easier to appear well run when you are gifted advantage. FFS give Dodoro a mil extra to spend & a few top 5 draft picks for a handful of later picks & he’d be a farkin genius.

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Whatever club Daniher plays for, he will always be a dumb on-field footballer.


We cant all be happy clappers who gatekeep what people say about the club.

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Thanks Cornes!

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Yet he claims Orazio’s body means he isn’t even worth pick 18. Port bias much?

Joe has no real intention of going anywhere. He’s counting on Jackets not agreeing to a trade and being in a stronger position to negotiate an extension with us. Cunning ■■■■■■■! It’s the moustache, that done it!


I appreciate your candour and the fact you’ve taken the time to tell your story. There have no doubt been errors made and don’t get me wrong, it $hits me no end, but personally I couldn’t con myself into pretending I support another team. For better or for worse, being an Essendon supporter is going to be part of my DNA until I curl up.


I don’t think joe is like that,but I think he is being influenced by some ordinary people

maybe he just hates Melbourne.

I wonder if Joe dan will be more kurt tippett than buddy for them.

Joe wants to go to Sydney for the lifestyle choice. He can hang out with Shane Mumford and be known as Joe Blow



hawthorn, geelong are well run too.

I think Sydney have some good operators. the money offered for Joe is not ridiculous.

and I think realistically we would need to match it if Sydney came knocking or not.

the concern for me is if it’s not just about money.

fantasia I understand. not Joe. he must hate Melbourne.

Sydney will be there when he retires. surely if you play AFL you want to be in the middle of it all.

I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been more of these so called experts running Joe’s price down.

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That’s tue, just merely saying you claim you don’t care but you still rant about it a lot so that seems a little incorrect on your behalf. Gloomers tend to be a bit hypocritical though.

By Day 9 they’ll be out in droves.

Anyone who loves AFL should want a fair competition. The administration should not be manipulating outcomes to promote any agenda. It could be argued that an Essendon v Collingwood Grand final would attract the highest possible audience but the AFL trying to manipulate that outcome completely compromises integrity.

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It’s a new thread. Just thought it appropriate to remind everyone that Joe still has one year to run on his EFC contract. Therefore, it’s OUR decision as to whether to trade him…or not.


I don’t wish Joe harm or ill luck as a person.

On the other hand I’ll be ■■■■■■■ myself when @Diggers goes into a weekly meltdown next year over which champion forward will a) make it onto the park, b) not break down during the game, and c) when will that $10 million investment ever actually play together?

That’s not even counting that Buddy and Joe play a very similar style, needing lots of space, and the capacity to wheel left - ie - if they do ever play together they’ll just collide.

So chill about Diggers - all his enjoyment will be gone by March


Most scathing, though, was Daniher’s former teammate Brendon Goddard, who claimed Daniher owed his teammates and the club.

“The grass is always greener, Joey,” Goddard said on RSN Breakfast Club .

“As much as the injuries affected him, I think he could have gone about it in a better way with his rehab, particularly the first time around (last year).

“He may still have been in this situation … but at the time I didn’t think he dedicated himself hard enough to recovering and rehab and give himself the best chance to get up and play.


Wasnt that one of the reasons Worsfold didn’t like JD?

Anyone else thinking of THAT handball in the goal square, tbh corgie should not have been running past 5 metres out from goal calling for it

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