#7 Zerrett - could double his Crichtons by 2027

Fletcher played for so much longer after Alessio finished.

Zach should get it before Parish, under any view.

They were both still playing when they received their life memberships.


I don’t think it is an issue.

Zach will eventually receive his. He may not want it yet. Parish met eligibility criteria and accepted it.

In the last 7 years, he’s been a 3 time All Australian and is currently 11th highest of active players in career Brownlow votes. Regardless of playing in a horrible team, he’s been a star and I know I’ll consider him as one of the best Bombers ever once it’s all said and done.


Merrett deserves it before Parish. It isn’t even close. AA and B&F’s. Captain…

Well yeah I think we can all agree on that, which make a me suspect there is an alternate reasoning.

I strongly suspect it is actually a non issue that you have decided is an issue.


I’m just perplexed. It’s odd that’s all. Maybe Merrett deferred it. But us fans who are really interested in the clubs history are scratching our heads. And people at the club are now following it up too.

In general, I find it a bit weird awarding life memberships to players mid career.

Agree it may just be a personal preference that some players accept it when it’s offered, where as others opt to put it off until their playing days are finished.

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I believe it should be an award you qualify for post your last game for the club. It should be recognised as being about the total impact you have had on the club (not only part of it).

The criteria could remain but by granting to all retirees & eligible delisted players post allows players who finish at the same time to be recognised together.


Zerrett’s time will come - a true legend deserving of Life Membership.

Hope we win a bloody flag for him soon bloke is hungry for one not getting any younger Zac

I’ll probably shed a tear seeing him holding the cup on GF day haha

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Put him in a mid-field that looks after him might change things up a bit

Wrong. Hes acrually top 6 in brownlow votes over the lasy 5 years. Please see the following link


I agree, noting the sensible arguments against.

Merrett said the Bombers accepted their winless finals run would be a talking point this season whether they made the top eight or not, but said he took confidence from rival coaches’ comments that the gap between them and the top teams was narrow despite their dismal finish to 2023.

“It’s going to be talked about until we win one, isn’t it? So I wouldn’t say it hangs over our head, I think we know it’s there, it’s real, it’s not going away,” he said.

“I think it’s great listening to Craig McRae, Chris Fagan, (Adam) Kingsley … these coaches talking about I guess how close they feel the competition is.

“That little gap also feels massive at times … winning two or three more of those games all of a sudden slingshots you up pretty quickly, but you lose them and you’re obviously sitting in that middle pack.”


So glad this guy is captain


I just cannot ever imagine Zach saying “I feel content with my career, and the fact that we never won a final whilst I was playing there sits really well with me, and i’m really satisfied”