#7 Zerrett - could double his Crichtons by 2027

He’d be a universally popular winner of a Brownlow that’s for sure. Here’s hoping it’s his year this one (touches everything wood nearby including head).

silvagnis ribs hate this

A couple of weeks ago most of the Brownlow discussion was nearly solely around how he’s in a race against Heeney and he’s obviously going to be right in the mix given how well he has started but aside from 1 or 2 others (i.e. Serong in particular), it’s Nick Daicos who looks like he’s started to go into overdrive in the last couple of weeks. I’d say, barring injury he looks set to go to another level and might well reel everyone in.


Great interview on 3AW tonight. Quite revealing and gives a great insight into the club.

If you can tolerate Sam McClure’s smugness every so often throughout it.


Pops in, see what the most recent posts were saying:


Some may be disappointed listening to that audio then because he loves the club and isn’t going anywhere.

One club player coming up and one of the true champions of the club.

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and yet nothing is at all incorrect about those posts. the EFC doesnt deserve zach, we are truly fortunate to have him as our leader.


He was tagged out of the game to an extent. He didn’t have the same energy and intent. Most likely he was ill too… first time this year of all the games watching live. He has been so good this year.

I’d listen to the interview if it was with anyone other than Sam McClure. That bloke needs to get binned

Looks like Merrett is the go to tag for opposition coaches now. But he has been pretty good at handling it compared to previous years.