#7 Zerrett


Wonder whether his drop in output is mental or physical?
3 possessions 1st quarter, 8 in the second and 12 for the rest of the game.
He can do a lot better than that.


Solomon said he was tagged hard by Miller.


Played very well despite the hard tag.

Yes possessions are a tad down but he made every one of his count last night.

his tackles were back to Zackles best.

Will work hard over summer to beat the hard tag, needs to up his contested ball count and get to the 14-18 contested possessions a week, it’s much harder to get the outside ball if you have someone breathing down your neck all game.


His tackling technique is supreme. Very impressive.


Wasn’t his dominant self but his tackling and run with the ball were great again


He had a hard tag but still managed to lay some tackles that changed the momentum of the game at a couple of points. He may not have been his dominant self, but he worked hard all night.


61 disposals and 20 inside fifties between him and Zaharakis wasn’t a disaster… given the best inside fifty count this year by a Bomber was previously 8!


Gave them an absolute paddlin’ today. Has played some very good games already in his short career so far, but that would have to be one of the best, or at least the most important game he has played


One of the better midfield performances for the club in the past decade.


He’s better than Fyfe.


4 goals and 30+ touches is top 5 in the comp type stuff.


Is a star

Pretty much single handedly has carried our midfield all season

So much heart, a warrior


Give this guy some fcking help.


I’m gonna zack off tonightttt


2018 brownlow medallist after he polls the most votes this year and is filthyabout it.

Hes played some blinders, but that was his best game yet


This kid is an absolute gun. A pleasure to watch. Highly skilled and reads the game.


Was the best #7 out on the ground today by far.


Missed by a week


Just think he’ll be hitting his peak in 2 to 3 years :smile:


Amazing game from him today, close to his best game if not his best.

I still love it when he gets the 15 contested possessions, I think upping his contested ball and kicking regular goals will put him in the Dusty, Danger bracket.