#7 Zerrett


Agreed. The kid is a jet. A classy, smart, hard-tackling, A-grade mid. The only part of his game that I wanted to see him work on was scoreboard impact and he delivered in spades today. Was electrifying in the premiership quarter.


Will poll 20+ Brownlow votes.


I gave the Joe finger twirling in the crowd when Zach sunk his 4th


Got in the AA squad this time. Has to be in the final team.


I donno, ive always rates the kid, granted not hard to do haha.
But is anyone else thinking like this is the stage now where he announces himself properly to all in the finals ??

Him daniher and prolly raz/tippa im expecting to just like explode in the finals. If 2/3 of them do i think we beat sydney



This is a bit of a trick yeah?
You’re setting us up to be able to smash the club and everyone associated if we lose.



Lloydy should feel a little silly after dropping him from his AA squad yesterday.


Depends how we go about it, but no we have two weeks to dream something special can happen. Might as well believe something special can happen.

I will change my tune if Howlett gets picked and or hoxking stays in tho haha


He should be in the team, but I can see him not being named.

Yesterday would have done wonders to his chances.

I will be absolutely spewing if Selwood or Bont get in ahead of Zach.

Don’t know how both of them got in the squad. Selwood played 18 games, of which he got injured in 3 of them, and probably played about 4 bad games, so he’s effectively got in on 11 games.


Selwood would get in if he played 5 games.


Absolutely no doubt they will. Those 2 could play 10 games between them during the year and still get a spot. Media flogs will blow their load until the early morning for those 2


I think it’s a joke if he doesn’t make the team. At the very least a spot on the pine.


Who are you and what have you done with dkp?


Was he in the squad last year?




Absolutely robbed


It was a totally corrupt crock of ■■■■ that he didn’t make the squad last year; 19 brownlow votes in a side that finished bottom winning 3 games


Not corrupt, just compromised by idiots who consciously or subconsciously refuse to select a player who hasn’t “earned his stripes” yet. On pure performance alone Clayton Oliver sure as shot should’ve been in this year, but he isn’t. Happens year in year out.


It’s a joke Selwood was in squad and made the side last year ahead of Zerrett.

And it’s a joke Selwood has been selected in squad ahead of Oliver this year.

The selectors are clearly picking the squad at times based on playing favourites.


Reputations count for a lot, people are blinded by them. If you don’t have a reputation yet you’re going to struggle to get noticed over somebody who does.