#7 Zerrett


Taylor Adams should’ve 100% been in instead of Treloar. But isn’t.



His best game in the red and black, I always said he just needed to add goal kicking to his game and he would be the best in the comp.

Absolutely killed it Sunday and was the difference, he’s developing into an absolute game changer!


Yep, don’t let him get into space near 50 or he ices the play with goal. Beautiful to watch.


$3 at Sportsbet to finish top 5 in the brownlow. Great value, I reckon he is a serious chance to finish top 3.


Well deserved All Australian :red_circle::black_circle:


Zach - champ!! so happy for him, and his dear parents!!
My kids love him like no other player. what I love about him is that he drives everyone by example. will be looked back at in time as one of Ess true legends.


Does that include the non eligible players ?


So well deserved!

Gun player, gun season.

Could be named VC!


Disappointingly Zac will poll really well at the Brownlow.
Could’ve won it




Really happy for Zac. He has had an amazing year and will poll 20+ brownlow votes.



So sexy


Where did Zerret finish in the MVP?


All I can find is the top ten:

  1. Dustin Martin — 1333 votes
  2. Patrick Dangerfield — 776 votes
  3. Josh Kelly — 416 votes
  4. Rory Sloane — 267 votes
  5. Lance Franklin — 215 votes
  6. Tom Mitchell — 196 votes
  7. Matt Crouch — 111 votes
  8. Josh Kennedy — 98 votes
  9. Joe Daniher — 78 votes
  10. Robbie Gray — 77 votes


Matt Crouch and Robbie Gray finished above Zerret.



Give him the captaincy, love his application.

He is the type of person that really grows when thrown into the deep end. Some people melt when they are out of their comfort zone, I think Zerret uses that opportunity to grow and grow into the role beautifully.


Zac’s 2016 was better than 2017 - Certain that crouch and Gray were AA’s so no surprise they finished ahead of Zac.


You see much of Adelaide this year? Cause if you had you might’ve noticed that Matt Crouch’s year has been awesome.

If I had to slide anyone out of that list for Merrett, it’d be Tom Mitchell or Gray.