#7 Zerrett


Yeah I love Zac but those two had pretty high quality years, it’s not really a shock.


Fair call to everyone on Matt crouch then.

I do rate him though.

Last year i suggested we should try and trade for the crouch brothers as Brad was OOC.

I got slayed and people said Matt crouch was a Scania…



Geez the Bont would look great in the red sash


Zerret should have been captain ahead of Bont.

More sensible haircut.


Still a great achievement from Zach. The Bont is always gonna have the media/selectors on his shaft even if he’s had an average year. Still, Bonts a gun.

This year, Zach was finally recognised for his hard work. We should all be insanely proud of what he does for this club


Don’t forget Zach was also VC last year too.

Outstanding player, and young leader we have.


Felt old mate was a bit stiff with the amount of Brownlow votes he received.


Absolutely agreed



a few games he got less votes than he deserved.

A bit more inside ball and a few more clearances and he is a 25 vote player.


Yes but are all the umpires aware of players who are reported? And; if they are, does this affect they vote after the player has been found guilty of a charge? I ask this because we all know the umpires are supposed to be unbiased. But; I don’t believe it.


He was suspended in round 20 - hardly would have had an effect on any of his games.

Still got the 3 in round 23 when he was clearly BOG.


The whole Brownlow thing is bullshit anyway. Put it aside as a quirky special prize, and ramp up the MVP, with no stupid ambiguous ‘fairest’ label.


Mmm, … I flicked over to check the inevitable result just in time to see a “Dusty” highlight package that included at least 4 don’t argues to the face or throat, … none of them, … nor any of the multitude of other instances AFAIK called a free kick against.

I s’pose it’s all fair as long as they aren’t called??


Wish he had given Macavaney the don’t argue, grabbed the medal and farked off.


My father ever since I can remember hasn’t cared re the Brownlow (even when Jobe won it)

I asked him why once. His response was ‘why should I care about an award given by people who I yell at every week because they are shit) at their job’

Fair enough, was all I could say. :slight_smile:


Gotta go back to 1996 (debatable) or 1993 (definitely) to find a non-midfielder winning it.

It’s a farce.


Yeah, I’ve always wondered why the greater AFL public, who spend half their time whinging about how the umpires are terrible and are costing their team games invest so much energy and pride into the Brownlow. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice for a player of your team to win something, but there seems to be a major disconnect there.


Hepp needs to cut his hair, he’s stealing votes from Zerret



polled pretty well