#7 Zerrett


To Dal Santos credit. He was speaking with his St Kilda hat on. He said it would be a perfect scenario for them. Similar to Cooney or Lloyd saying Essendon should go hard at Dylan Sheil because he would be a perfect fit. Yeah he would but this isn’t AFL revolution or whatever the game was. It just won’t happen


I wouldn’t take 6, 7 and 8 for him.

5, 6, 7 and 8 possibly.

You just can’t underestimate the value of proven ability in a ~ 21 year old kid.


It’s not just ability that makes him so valuable.

He is literally the main guy driving this club towards greatness.

Zerrett is the type that will literally pull everyone at the club with him. You can see how much the players and coaches and everyone at the club loves, and most importantly respects him.

There is a lot of Luke Hodge, Michael Voss about him.


Seems harsh mate


New highlights video of Zachy. This kid will drag the rest of the team with him to our next Premiership. IT is so good to see us building a really strong young list around Zach and Joe. Good times are coming.


at the end of his career, hes gonna need a highlight reel for all the times hes sucked players in for 50m penalties


Love the work with Fanta.


There was some talk in the Heppell thread of how Zach didn’t deserve AA.

Posting my reply here.

Zach very much deserved his place in the AA team. He is one of the most damaging players in the game, and he does it being tagged every single game.

There’s 3 types of players in this game I reckon.

Those who never get tagged (Matt Crouch)
Those that they don’t bother tagging, ie too good. (Danger, Dusty)
Those that get tagged week in week out cause there’s belief they are taggable (Zerrett)
Remarkable what Zerrett does with a bloke hanging off him every second of a game.


offensive gun, defensively accountable for the whole midfield too.


Zerret doesn’t have the same athletic prowess as some others but sure makes up for it with work ethic on and off the field - works his ■■■■ off every single minute he’s out there - leads by example.
He’ll run and make 2nd a 3rd efforts for the small chance that a teammate may need help or to apply defensive pressure.
So happy he’s ours


Boot to ball is unbelievable


the only afl player who can catch Saad

true story


Agree with this, it is just wish listing, aka thinking out loud. It is something we all do in here, multiple times a week. Relax peeples, no way is it meant to be taken seriously, for all the reasons mentioned above.


Where are my Conor highlights ■■■■■■■


So, will the bloke win a Brownlow? Umps like him, yet surprisingly missed votes in games he should’ve got 3 this year!

What will it take to elevate Merrett to potential Brownlow status?

Kick more goals? Play more forward of the play? I guess Essendon winning more games might help


That’s it right there. Win games and umps love you.


To win a Brownlow, you need to be either a clearance machine, or an attacking goal-kicking mid.
Zerret spent a lot of time as a defensive mid. If that changes, given McGrath’s new role - watch him poll more.


It’s a lot more than that

Tigers won only 3 more games than us for the season, yet Dusty had 21 vote lead on Zerrett

Clear best player in most of their wins.


Win games and get a neck tatt