#7 Zerrett


Merrett’s more consistent but Daniher is more likely to be a match winner. Toss of the coin for mine


■■■■■■ if I know how Zach isn’t in the top 50. Where was he last year after his AA year?

If Fanta plays 20 games or more he’ll be in the top 25 I reckon.


Who’s Robbo? :wink:


You may know him on Blitz as “SLOBBO”


Jack viney is at 40, Merrett is better than him.


ffs people


Doesn’t look fit to me. A couple of times that quarter he looked like he was wearing concrete boots as the Giants players just waltzed around him. Too important player to be down like this.


never seen him play such a bad game.

doesn’t look likely to get the ball, doesn’t want to tackle or sprint.

somethings not right with him


not himself today


What divot did this guy hide under all day. Hardly saw him in camera view.


If he is as unfit as he looks then he shouldn’t be playing.

THAT would be leadership.

Not the insipid outing we saw from him today.


Apparently we delisted the wrong Merrett


If you play, you’re good to go. But he didn’t look good to go.

Then again, the entire side looked cumbersome and sluggish.

Terrible performance from Zach and most others.


He looks fat, perhaps he and Saad have been on the same diet this preseason


He looks about as fit as the rest of the list i.e. not very. Be fkd if I know what we spent the preseason doing…


Was nowhere near his best but showed a bit of effort with his tackling and a couple of smothers


Hopefully the AFL Realise that 2 JLT Games is not the right amount of practice games before the season proper.

we have seen lots of sloppy performacnes this last weekend.

We were trying to carry too many underdone players.

question is didd Debooer do a great job on Merrett, or was Merrett unfit?.

I just assumed Deboer shut Merrett out of the game.

Everyone is bagging zaharakis, but at least he looked to be running out there.


Is Zerrett that far behind with his training? He only missed 3-4 weeks of pre-season with an ankle injury so shouldn’t be that ‘unfit’


That depends to an extent on whether the ankle is at 100% or not. He didn’t look as agile or have the acceleration I’d expect.


If they realise that, all they’ll probably do is revert to all clubs playing AFLX again like 2018