#7 Zerrett


If he was fit then he probably should get dropped and if he’s not fit he shouldn’t be playing. That’s how poor he was yesterday.


I don’t think a gameplan includes 2 of our best players (zac and raz) looking like they wanted the oxygen tank more than meatloaf.


Its got that JD 2018 smell about it.


Plenty of other clubs requested and got an additional practice match before the JLT, we didn’t.


Love this bloke, so disappointed with he’s effort on the weekend, can’t help but think he’s under some sort of injury cloud, I agree with the smell of jd about it.


Cameron was fined $2,000 for his ■■■■■■ tackle. None of our boys are in trouble.


F*ck me. Merrett is playing!

This is me halfway through the second quarter.
I had no idea he was playing.


Would’ve taken serious brain damage for an Essendon player’s head to have been worth a suspension.


Merrett ought to be embarrassed with a couple of efforts. He mightn’t be fit, but you lose that as an excuse once you cross the white line.

I love the guy, but this is unacceptable


Clearly underdone and possibly still injured. When is the club going to realise a fully fit kid is better than an 80% star.

I thought the backend of last year they had finally got it.

Clearly I was wrong.


Nice hard bump by Hurls though. A small plus.




That is looking for the positives haha


Should have been embarrassed to go to work today.


■■■■■■ hell that’s atrocious.


The old Merret would have lunge and tackled not put in a half ■■■■ effort with one arm.


Tim Watson with some feedback for Merrett - wonder if this will spark him up a bit.


If a Richmond player put in an effort like that they will most likely get dropped.


I love Zerrett, but he absolutely must be dropped for that. I was early in the first quarter, so can’t even claim fatigue (not that it would be a legit excuse for whatever that was anyway!)

If our senior players can put in effort like that and keep their spot, then let’s just pack it in now.


Should be dropped.