#7 Zerrett


Merrett has a Joe D circa 2018 stink about him.


I reckon he has credits in the bank. I’d back him to step up.


Without a doubt. I’d love to see clarksons, Hinkleys or Hardwick review after that display


No-one has enough credits in the bank to dish up that and keep their spot.


I would say those clips showed pathetic efforts, but to be honest I’m not sure you can even classify them as efforts


Robbo saying we played Merrett underdone


Surely you can’t blame that (early in the first quarter) on being underdone?


Whoever’s decision it is to play underdone players and put there careers in jeopardy should be sacked today. Disgrace


They were.


Maybe they were sacked today :thinking:


Good point :+1:


Zach is still playing though?


Those were 2 I noticed watching the replay today. He looked spent by 20 minutes into the first.


We’re too frightened to play any kids, we just stick to the same 22, so we continue to pick players under done, rather than give others a chance.


Delisted the wrong Merrett.

Bring back Jerrett!


He has to be unfit. There’s no way he just trots around otherwise.

And if he’s that bad… Don’t farking play him!


Zaharakis has been putting in efforts like this for a decade and is never dropped so no chance of that happening. I back Merrett to sort himself out quickly


Zerrett will bounce back this week. Nothing surer. The bloke is a jet and a proud footballer/person. Was sucking in the oxygen and struggled to hunt both the ball and man. Will be better for the run and will atone for his poor performance.


Very Very unlike him. He is one of our best tacklers…hunts players down on a regular basis. There has to be something more to this.


Just sounds like he had a really bad day at the office. ill back him to respond next week.