#7 Zerrett


We got what we deserved by playing unfit players.
That’s bulld*st from Woosha and we all know it.

Kudos to GWS for not rushing Kelly in underdone, even though it would have been tempting to do so.

Belly, Zac and Fanta should have played in the ressie practice match as a minimum.
A blind monkey could have seen in JLT2 that Fanta and Belly were a long long way off AFL standard fitness.
Just play Clarke FFS, why even pick up the guy if the selectors won’t pick him in the circumstances ?

Saturday gonna be interesting…


It was a shocker then if he was fit.

The bloke is usually the definition of desperation. This will be hurting him no doubt. I look forward to seeing what he brings this week.


Has to be. I’ve never seen Merrett not try before.


Woosha has just said in a press conference that Zach is not injured.


Geelong and Port showed the way in playing kids over perhaps some underdone senior blokes.

Players like Dylan Clarke you can trust will play for their lives Round 1 and would have been a far better option than a half done Merrett.


He was either half fit. Or half interested.

I’ve never seen that sort of malaise from Zerrett. Ever.

Neither reflect well on what’s happening inside the club.


No way should he be dropped. He’s a superstar and will bounce back.


Yeah, bullsh_t Merrett isn’t labouring under some injury cloud, most likely the ankle. It’s almost like he’s reluctant to extend himself for fear of further damage. The half efforts are not in his DNA. Once again, Essendon play supporters and the wider football community for fools. Once again, Essendon play someone who is running at 50% capacity. Hate to say it, but I hope the season blows up in Essendon’s face ‘cause whatever they’re trying to do in making this club competitive again isn’t working. Essendon need a progressive coach/coaching panel who can deliver a game plan that works to the strengths of the playing group and someone who can inspire the group.


One incident I saw was cause for concern. In the 3rd I think. A GWS player got the ball, Zach was about one metre behind him. Zach pushed off to chase him, then just pulled back, and the GWS player ran off. Assuming he didnt “give up” I think that can be interpreted as a twinge of pain.

I think he will be out this week tbh. Darcy to come in.


This has Daniher of last season written all over it. We will deny he is injured until he “gets” early onset of something in 6 weeks time that will cost him a season and a half.


Disgusting effort from one of our leadership group in the first quarter when we were still in the game. Hope to never see that from him for the rest of his career.


I reckon this guy must be injured or not ready to play
Never seen him so bad
just rest him and play Clarke- its a no brainer really
He carries to much loan in any event-


He carries too much load in any event-


Agree he has credits in the bank.

But his time to show something was in the second half… not the following week.

Showing up with 100% effortthis week is an obligation, not a luxury.


Yes…Woosha claimed in his presser today that Merrett was fit and there are no injuries problems there.

Just like he did last year with Daniher until he missed the rest of the season with OP.

So given that track record there is clearly something wrong with Merrett.


If Zac wasn’t right to play( I don’t believe a word worsfold said after last year with joe) then he should of said I can’t play

Don’t ever put yourself ahead of the team


He’s been called out for some of those efforts (if you can call them that). Given his history and ferocity at the contest with and without the football, I agree with most that suggest he is playing injured. It’s just not what he’s about. I think we can safely say this has been a diabolical pre-season and Round 1 was a culmination of all of it.


Those efforts he put in would be close to the worst I’ve ever seen by an Essendon player.
Even if not fit u try to get the most out of your body. He looked mentally disinterested, which to me is a bigger concern than him being unfit.
If these guys are once again having a sook about a certain coaching staff member or game style then sack the whole lot of them. Bunch of spoilt brats.


Under-fire Essendon midfielder Zach Merrett was suffering a virus when he took the field against Greater Western Sydney on Sunday at Giants Stadium.

The 23-year-old managed to get up to play the game but put in a below-par performance, collecting just 16 disposals and applying little pressure.

Zach Merrett was battling illness in round one.

Zach Merrett was battling illness in round one.CREDIT:AAP

Merrett’seffort was the subject of much discussion after the game and one particular contest midway through the first quarter drew heavy criticism from former club greats such as Tim Watson, who described it as “not up to AFL standard”.

The Bombers cleared Merrett to play, aware that he had worked his way through such issues at other times during his 104-game career, however he struggled during the match.


Merrett is expected to be fine to play against St Kilda this weekend and the Bombers were keen to not look for excuses after the 72-point loss, with senior coach John Worsfold saying more than one midfielder performed below expectation in round one.

Merrett is also understood to have taken full ownership of his performance and was not keen for the virus to be discussed publicly in case it was seen as an excuse.

He also had an interrupted pre-season after rolling his ankle in the lead up to the JLT.

After being in a moonboot for several weeks he played just 17 per cent of the first JLT game and then played against Geelong and was well prepared for round one.

Merrett, who won Essendon’s 2016 best and fairest, is one of the game’s emerging midfielders.

His round one performance was only the fifth time since 2015 that Merrett had collected as few as 16 disposals in a game.


I doubt he had a virus, why would they play him if he was that bad?

I seem to remember too that they said that the players got a virus at the start of last year too. so many excuses