#7 Zerrett


Well, it does explain why the rest of the team got infected. As has been said, they are focusing on caring for each other.


We played Daniher for 7 games last season when he was clearly not right…


Have all the players had a virus for the last month, including during JLT matches???


I think they’re telling the truth that Merrett had a virus. He was clearly not right and obviously made the decision to play. If your not in the leadership group, I doubt you get to make that call yourself.
The rest of the group tho… I it they have had a virus.


Essendon = rank amateurs


Any player under a cloud should be required to pass a fitness test.
And it looks like we need to make our fitness tests a lot tougher.


The club is simply not as professional as it would like to think it is. Injured and sick players simply should not play for their own welfare and those around them. A club that struggles to learn is not going anywhere. Zerrett also had a duty to declare he was not fit to play if he was truly that ill. Selfish action but in what environment is this happening? Are players encouraged to be “that” honest for the good of the team and themselves?


Can’t put myself through watching a replay of the game. Did anyone notice what quarter it was that Merrett went head first into the ground in a tackle? I thought he may have suffered some concussion from it. His arms were pinned and the tackler just seemed to dive on him. I was surprised no one mentioned it in the commentary. Looked pretty dangerous at the time. His performance was so un Merrett like there had to be a reason. I’m just wondering if that had an impact?


So the “Tullamarine Virus” is a thing now.


All well and good caring for each other, but I’d seriously like to see them playing for each other. Hasn’t happened in the 3 games thus far.


Apparently McKenna had a stomach condition causing his stomach to swell to the point where the ball hit the top of his swollen stomach making him drop a simple chest mark.

Rumour is Zahararakis had raised blisters all over his feet, making his boots feel extremely uncomfortable, causing him to regularly kick the ball to the opposition under no pressure whatsoever as he “lost his feel”for the ball.

Let’s hope these conditions clear up before the weekend.


From memory it was second QTR but he was slow and lacking effort before it. That footage of him not chasing came from before the tackle.


Should never have played him ragardless of he’s input.


I get why players do this. Especially if they know they are important to the side. They think they’ll be able to work through it. Well he picked a bad game to roll that dice as the rest of the team stunk.

But given how footy is played, you only need to be a bit off to be found out. Especially against a top team like GWS. That didn’t cost us the match, but as a leader stinking it up it does not set a good example. He could have torn a hammy or done something in the first minute and be out of the match. As a side you then adjust. But it’s like Daniher last year. He is playing below his best, but the team is structured on him being 100%. Same with Zach’s role on Sunday, being out there below par was actually worse than not being out there at all


What hope is there if this bloke is a blatant liar, he must’ve knows Merretts condition


Was it Essingtonitis?


Merrett was scintilating in the JLT at times and looked like he’d gone up a level. Was obvious he was held back by something bugging him


He’s done.


I’d have dropped him. Those efforts are unbecoming of what he is about, and what he has shown in his career. But I’d have liked to make a stand for the sake of the team after last week, and dropping a guy like Zach would send a massive statement.

If he had a virus and played when not fit, then he is selfish and deserves to be dropped for putting himself in front of the team.

As a club I want to see us be ruthless in every thing we do. I think the message that would have been delivered would be good for the long term … for him, and the team.

Now he stays in the team I want to see him dominate Saturday obviously!


Name a team that has dropped their best player to make a statement? Like you said, it’s not his usual standard. Players who repeatedly ■■■■ up get dropped. Dropping your best player after one bad game doesn’t send a good message at all.


Dal Santo - Ross Lyon.