#7 Zerrett




Mark down Merret for 30+ disposals on Saturday.


Wasn’t dal Santo a big name player?


Sorry i’m more laughing because i thought there’d be at least a few in the last decade.


Fair enough. This is the first that comes to mind. I have to admit, I’ve hardly watched non Essendon games in the last decade.


Yeah there’d be others. Not very common though. I’d rather they back him in. He’s usually so ■■■■■■ good.


Established players don’t get dropped at all at Essendon. Only young kids. And look where our tactics have got us the last 15 years. So something radical might make a difference and awake us from the Bomber malaise
I also wouldnt be dropping him for the bad game - it would be for insipid half hearted efforts and/or declaring himself fit to play if he indeed did have a virus that “excuses” those pathetic efforts


He had a virus and should NOT have been playing. Short and simple answer.


Also remember that the team had quite a few stars… Dal wasnt the ‘best player’.


Chris Mayne is a good example of dropping a senior player and making them earn it.

Came across from Freo with a big reputation and a big contract and Buckley had no hesitation in dropping him to the VFL even though his job was under heavy scrutiny at the time.

I am by no means advocating dropping Merrett though. He has plenty of credits in the bank.


Pretty sure David Hille got dropped as a senior player.


So… is Merrett over his virus?


Dontgiveafarkitis can be hard to shake


Surely they can give him a jab for …

yeah, nah, best not go there


The question was though, name a best player that a team has dropped to make a statement, especially after one poor game in a H&A match.

Not directing this at you KM, just using your post.

Most people on here seem to knee jerk react to everything. They love to scream “drop them” or “sack them” or various versions of that.

I can understand complaints against senior players and their different treatment, but that usually happens because they have earnt the credits to not be dropped quickly. There are times when you wonder, so Belly should be looked at for dropping if he again doesn’t make second efforts this week. If Zerrett again has another poor game I would look at dropping him. Same for Zaka, Myers, etc.

But you don’t do it after rnd 1, you give them another game to turn it around, especially if it is an unusual thing for them to do, such as Zerrett.


I wouldn’t drop Zerrett.

In fact I would have stuck with an unchanged line up.

I expect we will beat StKilda but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will play top quality football.

I would be looking at the guys that have under performed throughout JLT and RD1 and drop them.

We need to start rewarding good VFL form.


I think probably a dozen posters in here has Worsfold sacked in the game Day thread before the end of the first quarter.


If your out on the field, I hardly doubt your playing under a “virus”

Odd article. If your actually crook, you wouldn’t play. Regardless, if your out there to play, your deemed fit and you get judged accordingly. If for some reason your playing and you have the flu, or a injury that severely restricts you, then the medical staff are completely incompetent.

Bottom line, the whole merrett had a virus thing, is BS. Your either well enough to play, or your not. Dont come out 5 days later after he’s been blasted and tell us he was crook


It’s sounds odd because it’s just another typical Essendon lie.


I don’t support the round 1 loss, sack everyone reaction. Especially since everyone stunk.

I think what should at least happen is the players are given a weekly “score” and it is clear if they are or are not meeting expectations. And importantly, what the consequences will be by failing to meet expectations. It makes it clear and avoids surprises. They know they are going to be dropped if they fail to get a pass this week. Or they need to do better than a pass if there is someone in the VFL who has been banging down the door.

This may well happen. End of the day you need to build a stable side that has a core group of players who play well together week in week out. And into which other players can slot into as an opportunity presents itself.