#7 Zerrett


Last season it took them 8 rounds to say Daniher was cooked.

Zach looked far from being right. But then so did most of the side. My feeling - he had a virus and combined that with the humidity made him cooked even more.



But you need to get your tin foil hat on otherwise you are not doing it right.


have to get Mrs Doe to crochet me a tin foil beanie


It’s not tin foil hat! Essendon have been liying about player injuries / condition since Jesus played centre half forward.

(As an aside - when Jesus died and was left out of the side, Essendon said he just had a knock to the calf and would probably be right for next week)


they were right


Yeah but they got like super lucky with that


says you Thomas


He didnt line up though, he missed curfew and we’re still waiting for him to come back.


cough Hird


He’s never been the same since his concussion last year.


If he’d turned the other cheek he might have avoided that concussion


Yes he has. His numbers from the Geelong game onward last year were massive. And he had a harder role than the year before, while also being tagged more.


I meant in general, has been having a lot more random 13 possession games.


When? I don’t think he has. Last week was hugely unusual for Zach.


none in 2017 and last year only two, early in the year. And R 8 and 7 under 20


What is tin foil hat about it?

If what you and doe think is correct, and lets say it is, why let a player, who has a virus, play in humidity?

You know he’s sick
You know its humid

So why play him? It makes, literally NO sense.


I reckon IT and BSD are the only people on earth who don’t believe Essendon don’t lie about stuff


It was a poor decision. I said in an earlier post I get why this stuff can happen. You take the risk when it’s a top player. Zach/club rolled the dice and yep, it didn’t come off. Made worse by the rest of the team stinking it up.


Yet woosha came out and said he was fit to play

But the club doesn’t lie. Ever #tinfoil


Being sick during the week meant he had a limited practice. However he was put through a fitness test and was deemed fine to play. Coaches don’t have the luxury to say “oh he had the flu, let’s rest him”, they rely on fitness tests and medical diagnoses, and he passed both of those.

In reality a lot of players get sick with a virus and still play fine in all teams, not often missing games because of it, he didn’t this time. Such is life.